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Kate Chastain’s Lawyer Comments On Kate’s Battery Charges

Below Deck star, Kate Chastain is currently involved in some legal drama with her former lover, Rocio Hernandez.

In case you didn’t know, battery charges have been filed against Kate, as according to Rocio, she was attacked by her former girlfriend during a “fit of rage.”

The whole incident took place back in June, and Kate hasn’t spoken out about the situation, but finally her lawyer, Gary Frese, has released a statement.

Ms. Kate Chastain regrets the incident that occurred between her and Ms. (Rocio) Hernandez. The version of the incident told to the police by Ms. Hernandez is completely fictitious

Her lawyer also went on to say that Kate is just simply too small to take on someone like Rocio:

Ms. Hernandez, a former professional fitness trainer over six feet tall, physically attacked Ms. Chastain who tried her best to defend herself during the attack. Ms. Chastain is of very slight build and is 5 foot 7 inches tall. At no time was Ms. Chastain the aggressor in the altercation. When all the actual facts are determined in the legal process Ms. Chastain will be completely vindicated and Ms. Hernandez will be shown to have a history of violent behavior and to have completely misrepresented the facts to the police about Ms. Chastain’s actions.

This is completely different from reports that say that “Kate bit her in the forearm, bicep, and leg,” continued, “also put a knee on her head, choked her, and tried to stop her breathing.”

Even though Kate has yet to release a statement of her own, or officially comment on the night, she’s hinted that people are only hearing one side of the story, and that there’s much more to the situation. She’s said that “the truth will come out,” and even said that “the only thing I know for sure at this point is that it only takes one person’s words to forever affect the life of another.”

Kate’s charges are:

  • Domestic Battery By Strangulation (third degree felony)
  • Battery Domestic Violence (first degree misdemeanor)

As of right now, Kate’s court date has been set for September 13th, right after the Below Deck season4  premiere airs on September 6th.

Filming for Below Deck season 4 wrapped before the whole incident between Kate and Rocio, so you’re going to see their budding romance, and not the intense altercation that would later occur.

I bet this season is definitely going to be a hard one for the former couple to look back on.

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  • suse

    Why hasn’t Kate filed something against this Ro? Anyone with a piece of brain could have seen this was a train wreck in the making. Kate is nuts and she has, obviously, latched on to a nut — the girl just LOOKS like a nut! I just watched the episode where this Ro showed up on the boat and the entire crew went to a beach hotel or something. They were just gross — sucking fact, rolling around, and Kate talking about how Ro has “endurance.” Is anything sacred? Why do Bravolebrities have to broadcast their personal trashy lives?

    • oopsyIdroppedtheball

      Um because this Ro didn’t do anything wrong and the signs of being attacked were on her, not Kate.

      • suse

        I don’t believe that for a second. Kate is, what, 110 (soaking wet)? This Ro is 6’+, 200 lbs . . . I see it like a movie where someone holds their arm out in front/on top of the other person’s head and the little one ends up running in place. These days, bumping into someone is “assault.” What ICU did the care of this piece of trash take place?? I would find it difficult to throw the bottle of water I am holding on a flaming Kate — but this is just ridiculous. This “Ro” knew this would cause a stink — with Kate’s B celebrity status.

        • oopsyIdroppedtheball

          I’m sure you’ll believe whatever you want to believe no matter what the outcome to this is. You’ll see it in your head and make believe it’s true.

          • suse

            Well, I guess there is no fooling you! You know it all — what is going to happen, whether it is true, and what I am and will think. Alert the f’n media.

          • oopsyIdroppedtheball

            Now, let’s not get all silly and pouty. I get that some people don’t want to deal with reality and will take up for Kate no matter what she does, but the truth of the matter is that pretending that the girlfriend is just trying to cause trouble for poor victim Kate with no evidence supporting that is ridiculous. She isn’t running to the media to try and get attention (that would be Kate). Kate has a history of anger problems and of treating people very badly and of needing to zero in on people and attack and victimize them. She also has a history of manipulating and intimidating people into going along with her bad behavior. Believe whatever you choose to believe.

          • suse

            Do you know these people?? You certainly act like you do — you are the one in need of serious meds. You seem to be living vicariously through them and have very strong factual “knowledge.” Get a life.

          • oopsyIdroppedtheball

            My oh my, aren’t we all in a fluster. Don’t be so silly. You are the one who was accusing the girlfriend of saying Kate attacked her just to get attention and just to cause problems with absolutely nothing to back that up. The girlfriend did not take this to the media, the police put out a statement and Kate went to the media to say she was the poor little victim, because what else was she going to say. You seem to think you have “very strong factual knowledge”. I get it, you don’t want it to be true and attacking the person making the allegations works for you, but you are hardly in a position to be whining when someone else believes something different than what you are choosing to believe.

  • oopsyIdroppedtheball

    I don’t think anyone who has seen how manipulative, aggressive and just mad dog mean Kate is would have any trouble seeing her attack someone like this. She is such an angry, hostile person, always picking fights with people and she just doesn’t seem to be able to let it go. She has so much rage that she just zeros in on a person and attacks, attacks and attacks. I find it incredibly stressful watch her abusing people in this way, repeatedly. She is the man reason I can’t watch that horrible Below Deck show. Who wants to watch some horrible so called human being repeatedly abuse, manipulate, lie through her teeth, etc… and get away with it at that.