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Jules Wainstein’s Husband Got An Apartment With His Mistress

Things haven’t been going well for The Real Housewives of New York City star, Jules Wainstein as of late.

She’s currently going through a nasty divorce with her husband, Michael, and since neither of them want to be separated from the kids, they’re both still living together in their apartment, despite the fact that Michael filed for divorce back in May.

Jules and Michael have two children together, Jagger, 6, and Rio, 3.

However, according to a source, it sounds like Michael isn’t even there for his kids, as he’s been too busy hanging out with his mistress:

He technically lives there, but he comes home at 5 a.m. and leaves at 6:30 a.m. He has an apartment with his current mistress in a brownstone. His kids never him, he’s never home.

Michael’s mistress is Elyse Bensusan, whom is also currently married and going through a divorce of her own. Since they’re both basically in the same situation, they’ve been doing some house shopping together recently.

Michael’s attorney says that the only reason he’s avoiding the apartment so much is because of Jules, and all of the drama she causes.

In order to avoid all the drama she creates . . . he is trying to absence himself when he believes she is in a dramatic stage. He has been trying to stay with his parents on certain occasions.

Either way, it’s definitely a horrible situation for the children to be involved in. Let’s hope they can clear up these issues soon enough.

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  • Bell_Liberty

    He’s a total ass…. I hope she reams him in the divorce… fucking loser… what a poor example of a ‘man’ and ‘father’ he is…