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Jules Wainstein Tries To Cash-In On Divorce! Seeks $25k/Month From Michael Wainstein!

Well, Jules Wainstein from The Real Housewives of New York City is already trying to cash in on her divorce from her husband, Michael Wainstein.

When the former couple met in a Manhattan court room today they were able to come to a temporary set of terms as far as custody and child support is concerned.

It’s been reported from a source that Jules sought out $25k/month from Michael.

The source reported:

Jules asked for $9,000 a month in tax-free child support and $16,000 for spousal support.

However, Michael argued that he simply doesn’t have that kind of money:

He said his businesses have suffered because of the publicity of the case, and that he has money judgements, and his credit cards are closed and in default. He said he does not have a monthly income because the apartment they rent is vacant. He said he can’t afford it beyond what he’s already paying. The judge announced he needs documentation to back it up, so he’s holding off on a final ruling until the next date. He needs statements of net worth.

That being said, the judge did determine that Michael would have to pay Jules $10/month in the meantime, but Michael argues he doesn’t have the funds:

His attorney insisted he was unable to pay it, but the judge said he’ll review everything and make a further ruling. Based on what was in front of him today that’s his ruling

It’s Michael’s responsibility to provide cash:

For the utilities, nanny, cost of school for the children, $200 a week in grocery charges and Uber charges.

That’s nothing new, though, as Michael’s already been covering these costs.

Michael’s legal team said that the money should be given to the nanny, because “the nanny knows what the kids can eat.”

One may take this as a dig as Jules’ eating disorder.

As far as custody is concerned, the judge will receive a temporary schedule tomorrow, but he’s not happy with the way the couple have been co-parenting so far:

The judge said he wants them to have a respectful distance for the children primary concern. He said it does not serve them well if there is visible tension. He said if everyone stays where they need to go it’s better for everyone.

The judge also advised the couple that they should stay away from each other, and said that Jules will have access to the second and third floor of their apartment, while Michael will have access to the second floor office:

[They should] remain in their respective spaces, and not infringe on the other’s respective space. Also to steer clear of each other.

Meanwhile, we’re just curious why Jules needs a nanny to take care of her children.

After all, it’s not like she’s busy working for Bravo, as she’s leaving The Real Housewives of New York, and it looks like her only job is going to be sitting back and collecting cash from Michael, so….

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