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Jules Wainstein Suffers Bulimic Relapse

The Real Housewives of New York newbie, Jules Wainstein, has most certainly been a welcome addition to the cast this season.

She’s open. She’s honest. And she’s allowing people right into her life immediately. It’s her life, and she’s not afraid to put it out there for everyone to see, which was exactly the case last night on #RHONY.

As Bethenny Frankel was going off at the dinner table, Jules had a break down, saying that she still struggles with her eating disorder, and that she actually purged her food just three days ago, because she was having a horrible day.

We have the clip from the scene below, which you can scroll down and watch right now:

As you can see, things get extremely emotional for Jules at the table, as she admits that she has her good days and bad days.

With a snap of her fingers, Jules confesses that she can have a bad day at the drop of a hat, and she suffers some slip-ups as the result, and they can get really bad.

Of course, this practically shut everyone at the table up, when just moments prior, Bethenny was going off on how she doesn’t trust people with eating disorders.

So, we want to ask you: How do you feel about Jules being part of the cast? We know that newbies don’t have a history of sticking along for the long haul too well, so we’re wondering if you’d like to see her come back for another season. Let us know in the comment section.

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  • Christine Watson

    Keep her! Prayers for her and her family!