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Jules Wainstein & Dorinda Medley: Bethenny Frankel Is Full Of S**t

Things haven’t been so great for The Real Housewives of New York City star, Jules Wainstein, and a lot of things have changed in her life since she’s visited the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse.

However, since she and her co-star Dorinda Medley appeared on #WWHL Wednesday night, Andy Cohen wanted to play catch up with everything that’s going down in her life, and that prompted some very taxing questions for Jules.

Are Jules Wainstein and Michael Still Living Together?

One of the first questions that Andy hit Jules with, was whether or not she and Michael are living together.

Jules responded that that they are.

Are Jules and Michael Still Getting A Divorce?

Andy just wanted to confirm that they are, in fact, getting legally separated.

Jules did confirm the divorce.

Did Jules Know Michael’s Mistress?

This was definitely the hardest question for Jules, and she couldn’t even bring herself to answer it, so Dorinda did confirm that Jules knew the woman.

Dorinda then lended a comforting hand to Jules, saying “It’s all right, Jules.”

Did Jules Ever Suspect Michael of Cheating?

Jules said that she never thought Michael would cheat on her, which is undoubtedly one of the reasons that this whole thing is being so hard for Jules. It’s truly difficult to watch.

That’s when Dorinda chimes in:

We’re very close, so we would have had one of these late-night conversations where she says, like — ’cause we’ve all done it — ‘Oh my God, I think X, Y, Z.’ I mean, I’ve done it when I’ve been completely wrong. So you never had that conversation with me.

And then, Andy brings up the fact that before this season of #RHONY even started filming, Bethenny Frankel was in the clubhouse, and said that she knew about Jules’ impending divorce before it was even announced.

This is what Jules had to say to that:

Because we have a ‘mutual friend.’ We have no mutual friends.

And then Dorinda gave her opinion on Bethenny’s claims:

Bethenny seems to have a mutual friend for all of us everywhere in the world. I think she can see dead people as well.

In other words, they’re saying Bethenny is full of crap, as Jules added:

Yeah, she knows everything.

And if you thought Bethenny was going to just eat those remarks, you better think twice, because she took to her Twitter account with some very interesting tweets.

Firstly, she does know everything, and she wanted to remind us all of that:

Bethenny says that she is, in fact, a reliable source, and that Jules’ convo on last night’s episode was enough to tell you that things were going downhill in her relationship:

She also said that she knows a whole lot more, too:

I think that is definitely a message to Dorinda and Jules that this is Bethenny’s territory, and that they better tread lightly.

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