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Joe Gorga Says He Hasn’t Visited Joe Giudice In Prison

On last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we got to see something that we all knew was coming, but you couldn’t help but dread it — Joe Giudice officially checked himself into prison to begin serving his sentence at Fort Dix.

Joe Gorga admits that he hasn’t visited Giudice since he checked himself into prison, but he does comment on how he’s handling everything while behind bars:

He’s doing good. Holding the fort down. Working out a lot. Cleansing himself. Coming back to normal.

Even though Gorga hasn’t visited him yet, he does say that Giudice definitely isn’t lonely, as he gets plenty of visitors:

He has a big family. His mother goes every week. He’s got brothers and sisters. Uncles! There’s like 30 uncles, cousins, it’s insane!

Gorga is being a gentleman, allowing Giudice’s immediate family to visit his brother-in-law first, but he does say that he’s eventually going to go and visit him:

We let the immediate family go, and then I’ll go.

Even though he hasn’t sit down with the man face-to-face, he says that they still remain in contact with each other:

We email. We talk. We call. Every time [Teresa] is at my house eating dinner on a Sunday, he calls in.

Gorga also went on to comment on how his sister, Teresa Giudice, is handling the girls with Giudice being out of the house:

She has it down pat. She doesn’t need any help believe it or not. And the girls fend for themselves. They’re mature girls. So we’re good. She’s good!

As of right now, Giudice is planned to be released in August of 2019, which is five months ahead of his initial sentencing.

Still, I’m sure it feels like an eternity to him.

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