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Jax Taylor Threatens Fans: Talk Sh*t To Me, And I’ll Get You Banned From Instagram!

Despite Jax Taylor of Vanderpump Rules have the outer appearance of a brick shit house, the dude is actually a fairly sensitive, and self-conscious guy.

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In case you don’t follow him on social media, there’s been multiple instances where he will warn his followers that he won’t put up with any negative opinions, and it won’t bother him at all to block you from following his accounts, and deleting your posts.

We all know that Jax is willing to do this, too, because there’s been multiple fans report in that Jax blocked them from his page without a care in the world.

That being said, Jax is at it again — warning his fans that he will not only block you from his Instagram account if you say anything negative, but that he has friends in high places, and he’ll get you banned from Instagram.

Check out the picture Jax posted to his profile:


He didn’t include a caption with the picture, so it’s not a joke, and the picture represents exactly how he feels.

Also, it’s notable that he disabled comments on the picture, or he’s been diligently deleting comments on the post, as I’m sure he received a good bit of backlash from people that simply want nothing more than to test him.

Either way, if you want to follow Jax on social media, you better keep your negative comments to yourself, or he’ll block you and get you banned… or so he says.  🙄  😆

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