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Jax Taylor: I’m Going To Beat The Sh*t Out Of A Certain Someone


With the news that Vanderpump Rules has been renewed for another season, we decided to post up a topic yesterday listing out the things we simply can’t wait to see on Vanderpump Rules season 5. In case you didn’t read the post, you can do so by clicking here.

This post was quite a hit with our readers, and the cast of Vanderpump Rules, as well! Check out what they had to say about our post below:

In case you’re wondering; Ariana is talking about our point that she may be ousted from the group, because a lot of people weren’t digging her attitude on the show.

Trust me, we’re going to dig into Ariana’s tweet a little bit later, because we love it. Whether you like her or not, she believes she’s staying true to herself, and that’s all that matters, but that’s a whole other topic we’re going to cover in just a few.

For now, you’re all reading this topic for this tweet that comes our way from Jax Taylor, who says he’s going to be the sh*t out of a certain someone:

Now, we’re not going to put words in Jax’s mouth, but he’s likely referring to an item we included on our list of things we want to see on the new season of Vanderpump Rules; which is more feuding between Jax and James Kennedy. It sounds like things are definitely going to heat up on the next season.

So, if it comes down to blows, who do y’all have your money on? Jax is definitely the bigger guy, and we’ve seen him get scary angry in the past.

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