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Jax Taylor: 4 Reasons Men Cheat and How To Catch Them!

Vanderpump Rules star, Stassi Schroeder has her own podcast, Straight Up With Stassi, and she invited her ex-boyfriend, Jax Taylor to be a guest on the show, because she wanted to do a show on relationship advice, and why mean cheat, how to spot a cheater, etc…

…And who better to be a guest on this particular show than Jax?

Stassi even explains that she chose Jax based on his cheating past. She wants someone that’s lived the playboy life, and that’s what Jax does on a daily basis.

She justifies her decision by saying that she doesn’t want some innocent dude giving advice based on statistics and studies on these topics. Instead, she wants someone with first-hand experience, and Jax completely agrees with her during all of this, by the way.

1: Men Cheat Due To Emotional Distress or Insecurities

Interesting fact: 48% of men cheat, because of emotional distress. They feel as if they’re not appreciated, or recognized.

Jax compeltely agrees with the above statistics, saying that this is one reason he’s cheated in the past.

2: Cheating Has Nothing To Do With Looks

Jax said that he typically cheated “down.” In other words, he would always date amazingly beautiful girls, but would typically cheat with girls that weren’t as attractive as the girl he was dating. He said that cheating at least for him, had nothing to do with looks.

3: Men Don’t Want To Feel Like They’ve Lost It

Now, Jax put emphasis on this statement that he’s not speaking for all men out there, but for him personally, he doesn’t want to feel as if he’s lost the ability to attract women. For instance, when he’s out at a bar, he wants to know that he can pick up ladies.

4: Every Guy is Insecure

Jax says that men cheat due to insecurities, and if any man says they’re not insecure in some way, they’re full of crap.

So, what do you think about Jax’s advice? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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