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Jacqueline Laurita: Teresa Giudice Is A Hypocrite!

Things are about to pop off any second on The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 7, and we all know it.

We’ve all heard about the major falling out between Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita.

It’s coming soon, Bravoholics, even though right now we’re stuck watching as the two still pretend they care about each other.

If you’ll remember, Teresa and Jacqueline have had some issues in the past over tabloid rumors, and things erupted between them.

Therefore, you know Jacqueline wasn’t happy at all when Teresa didn’t snap on Siggy Flicker over the rumors going around about Joe Giudice’s alleged infidelity.

In a shocking turn, Jacqueline said she was actually proud of Teresa for not snapping out on Siggy, but I think no one is going to believe that’s truly the case.

Case in point, check out what Jacqueline had to say about the whole situation:

I advised Siggy not to even ask Teresa about the tabloid rumors because I’ve learned from the past that Teresa doesn’t like to be questioned about them. Even if she is the one giving the information to the tabloids for a little extra money or for any other reason.

Basically, Jacqueline just called Teresa a total hypocrite, because she doesn’t like anyone talking about tabloid rumors that she’s responsible for leaking in the first place.

Jacqueline then talks about how she felt when all of the 2011 drama went down between her and Teresa over the tabloids:

In the past, I only asked Teresa about the tabloids because I knew she put a lot of the stories out there herself, and I never knew what was true or not true, and I worried about her. I figured if she felt OK talking to the tabloids, then she would be OK talking to me, especially if it cleared up the rumors. I wanted to know that she was OK and also put my mind at ease.

She then says that she was glad Teresa didn’t snap on Siggy:

I was shocked but pleasantly surprised to hear Teresa was much calmer and not as defensive about Siggy’s inquiry as she had been with mine.

And then Jacqueline hints that next week is going to be when the crap hits the fan:

I thought maybe now she finally understood why, as a friend, I had asked her about the tabloids that were saying there was a possibility of her going to jail, and that she had finally put it behind her and would never bring it up again. Yeah right. If you have not seen the previews for next week yet…stay tuned. One step forward, two steps back.

We’ve all heard about it, but now it looks like we’re going to finally get to see all of the drama that goes down.

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