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Jacqueline Laurita: Teresa Giudice Doesn’t Understand What She Did Wrong

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Jacqueline Laurita, appeared on Watch What Happens Live alongside Andy Cohen, and of course it didn’t take long before Teresa Giudice came up in the conversation.

Teresa had just walked off the set of an Access Hollywood Live interview, and Andy wanted to get her opinion on the whole situation.

I had mixed feelings on the interview, because I think it’s a questions she’s been asked many times and answered many times, so I’m not sure what set her off. But I also didn’t like how they [the hosts] high-fived afterwards.

Andy had no clue that the hosts had high-fived, so he asked Jacqueline for confirmation:

Who high-fived? The hosts?

Jacqueline responded:

Yeah. I think they were uncomfortable with what had just happened, so maybe that’s why.

Jacqueline then went on to say that she has no idea as to why Teresa didn’t just answer the question.

At one point, a caller asked if Jacqueline thinks that Teresa will ever take full accountability for her actions that ended in her serving a prison sentence:

I don’t think she fully understands it, so it’s hard for her to — it’s hard for me say, but it’s hard for her to take accountability, when I don’t think she understands.

Well… I mean….

teresa giudice shoulder shrug

So, what do you think about Jacqueline’s answers? Are they spot on, or…?

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