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Jacqueline Laurita Returning to RHONJ This Season

jacqueline laurita returning to rhonj

Despite being dropped from the cast after Season 5 wrapped, original Jersey Housewife Jacqueline Laurita is reportedly making a comeback! Word is that new re-addition Dina Manzo would not agree to return as a full-time cast member as long as her sister Caroline and sister in law Jacqueline were on the show and that this demand had something to do with Jac being dropped. However, it seems that as Season 6 has posted less-than-stellar ratings so far, Bravo has decided to make a change to the formula and bring back Jacqueline to stir up some drama. And, supposedly, Dina isn’t too happy about it.

Now, all this information is, of course, from various “insiders” so all we can do is report on what’s being said and let you decide how much truth there is to any of it. Who knows how Dina really feels about Jacqueline on the show. Who knows, even, if Jacqueline’s return was always part of the plan. I have trouble understanding how producers could decide to add her back into the cast mid-way through the season when, typically, filming is fully wrapped well before the first episode airs. Perhaps they had some footage with Jacqueline already filmed just in case they needed the added boost? And then, there’s reports that Dina and Jac won’t even have any scenes together as Jacqueline only filmed scenes with Kathy Wakile (who also isn’t a full-time Housewife anymore so go figure!) Not sure how much drama Jacqueline could be stirring up if she’s only filmed with Kathy, right??

jacqueline laurita return to rhonj confused

We’re also hearing that RHONJ filming is picking back up in September to get footage of the Teresa & Joe Giudice sentencing and that supposedly this is when Jacqueline will be added back into the mix. But then…how could “insiders” already know that most of Jacqueline’s scenes will be with Kathy? In true Housewives fashion, it seems there are just too many stories out there to really figure out what the truth of the matter really is.

So, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with Jacqueline’s big rumored return!

Have you missed Jacqueline so far on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6? Will you be excited to see her back on the show?

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  • Chris

    WHY did they bring Dina Manzo back?? She has the nerve to say she wouldn’t come back unless her sister and sister-law were not on the show!!! The ratings are going downhill because of her return!!! She is BORING!!!! Please bring back Carol and Jacqueline!!!!

    • Lily Baldwin

      I stopped watching due to that awful Caroline. The way she brags about being so down to earth, when its usually her that starts the trouble! Good riddance!

  • Teresa Doyle

    So happy Jac is back!!!!! She puts the “Real” in Real housewives. Love her. Thank you for bringing her back .