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It’s 48 Hours Until Joe Giudice Goes To Prison

When Teresa Giudice was released from prison, it was cause for celebration for the family, but there was also a dark cloud that still continued to loom above their heads — her husband and father of her children, Joe Giudice, would now have to serve his part of the prison term.

However, in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Joe doesn’t really seem to be that concerned with the thought of entering the big house, saying that it’s “not a big deal.”

It’s not a big deal. They tell me that the low security and the camp there are almost the same so it’s no big deal.

Joe Giudice attending a wedding only 48 hours before going to prison.
Teresa Giudice added this photo on her Instagram only 4 hours ago of herself and Joe Giudice attending a wedding.

Well, that doesn’t sound as bad, but I don’t know if I would be so optimistic about being torn away from my family for so long. As we all know, it was back in October of 2014 when Joe received a sentence to serve 41 months at Fort Dix in New Jersey for fraud.

It’s a military camp is what it is. It’s not a high security, and anybody that’s in there is basically people that have already served a lot of time basically working their years to get out. So once you are there if you screw up there, then you go back to high security.

Joe is remaining very optimistic about things, and says that the big house may actually be his saving grace:

I’m looking at it like rehabilitation for me. I am not going to be able to drink for a while which is good because I don’t even know when it’s been since I haven’t had a drink. It’s been a long time. Definitely the whole year I definitely drank every day a couple bottles at night just to go to bed.

In appearances, Joe has remained very optimistic with the upcoming prison sentence, and almost seems to be apathetic about the whole situation. A lot of people would be freaking out over the whole ordeal, but Joe didn’t seem to be giving it anymore thought, nor allowing the impending doom of a prison sentence to effect his life negatively. That way, he’d be able to enjoy family life until it’s time to face the music. We’re guessing the booze helped him with the whole thing, but still, you have to admire how he’s handled everything.

Either way, in 48 hours, Joe Giudice will have no choice but to deal with the situation. You can only imagine what he’s going to do in those last 48 hours before serving his 41-month sentence. Whether you’re on his side or not, you can’t help but feel for those little girls he’s going to have to leave behind.

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