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Is This the End for Vanderpump Rules? Epic S2 Finale & Crazy Reunion Sneak Peek

So…Vanderpump Rules Season 2. One word: whoa. Did you catch last night’s finale? If so, you are probably as stunned/amazed/shocked/blown away as I am. What is there to say about Tom and Jax coming to blows right there at SUR during Scheana’s engagement party (or was it her single release party? Still confused…) In this, their sophomore season, the staff at SUR showed us just how crazy they really are.

tom punching jax

First of all, how is it that Stassi, despite being perhaps the most vengeful, conniving, manipulative person in reality TV history, has managed to end both seasons completely vindicated and even looking like the “good guy”? Mostly, it’s because of Jax. This guy is s a sex-addicted pathological liar who might also be a psychopath given how little remorse he feels for how he’s treated the people in his life. According to wikipedia, psychopathy is defined as:  a personality disorder characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy and remorse, and disinhibited or bold behavior. Sound familiar?

Vanderpump Rules - Season 2And then there’s Kristen. She lied about sleeping with Jax so convincingly that somebody is bound to hire this aspiring actress after the performance she gave this season. Unfortunately, Vanderpump Rules is a reality show, so, instead of being nominated for best actress in a drama series, Kristen is just a damn good liar who lost all of her friends, perhaps her boyfriend, and even potentially her job.

Tom also showed off his acting chops this season until finally admitting that he did, in fact, make out with Ariana. And, who can really blame Kristen for retaliating (well, ok…Jax was a VERY poor choice) after Tom’s repeat offenses? Stassi is right about this one: those two are doing each other no favors by sticking it out.

Speaking of Kristen and Tom, I’m a little bit confused about where their relationship is at these days. Only a couple of weeks ago, on January 13, they were on WWHL together looking chummy and talking about how they had just hooked up and were working on things. But, at the upcoming reunion, which was taped days before WWHL, on January 10, Tom looked like he was taking Ariana’s side while Kristen storms off the set angrily:

And, in the preview that aired after the finale (but isn’t online to share…boo!), there is the suggestion that Tom and Ariana are a couple now. But, again, the reunion was taped BEFORE Tom & Kristen appeared together on WWHL! It’s so hard to keep up with these people!

So, what else can we expect from the reunion? Well, if you hadn’t already figured it out, Jax and Stassi are finally O-V-E-R for good. And, Stassi is in a new relationship and she’s super in love. Here’s what Jax and Stassi have to say about how things went down between the two of them this season:

So, what’s next for the Vanderpump Rules crew? I’m going to wait until after the two-part reunion to make any final predictions about the possibility for Season 3 but I will say this: I’m not sure the show could go on without Stassi and, apparently, she’s already quit working at SUR and moved to NYC and in with her new man, Patrick Meagher. Check out this recent interview she gave to Hollywood Life on the subject of leaving Vanderpump Rules for good:

Food for thought until the crazy reunion! Be sure to tune in next Monday, February 10 for part 1.



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