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Is The Real Housewives of Miami Cancelled?

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For RHOM fans the past few months have been a roller coaster ride of emotion. First we just hadn’t heard anything at all about Season 4, then we heard yes it’s happening just delayed, then we heard no, there has been no decision as of yet, and finally, we found The Real Housewives of Miami nowhere to be seen in Bravo’s latest 2014 programming lineup announcement. This last piece of evidence seemed to be the final verdict, at least to me, that sadly the Miami installment of the Housewives franchise may have run its course after three seasons. But wait! Not so fast says Bravo and Alexia Echevarria is holding firm in her confirmation that RHOM will, indeed, be back after all.

At this point, I really don’t know what to think. Let me break down the history of quotes we have on the subject:

Here’s Alexia Echevarria back in February: “There will definitely be a season four for Miami. I have spoken to producers and they are currently working on dates for taping, since we usually begin taping this time of year we were told taping is being pushed back a little,” she spilled. “The producers spoke to all of us and told us all the same thing.” (A rep for Bravo had no comment.)

Then, at the end of March, Joanna Krupa took to Twitter to “set the record straight”:

Then, as I mentioned, we got the big programming lineup release from Bravo on April 8 which included renewal confirmations for RHOA, RHONJ & RHOBH (RHONY is currently airing and RHOC is premiering in a few days) but no mention of RHOM for 2014.

Alexia Echevarria then took to Twitter to share the following sentiment:

And Lea Black also seemed to be remaining optimistic:

And, finally, on April 9 we have a statement from Bravo that really doesn’t clear anything up: “Nothing has officially been decided yet either way,” a rep for Bravo told Wetpaint.

SO, it seems that at this point all we can really say is wait and see. It sure seems telling that RHOM isn’t yet in a Bravo lineup that includes series which are unlikely to premiere until late 2014 but perhaps we’ll be taking a particularly long hiatus between seasons.

What do you think? Would you like RHOM to return for Season 4 and/or do you think this is likely?

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    I think it will come back.

  • john

    Why doesn’t bravo just say it was canceled so we the fans can move on insted of being in turmoil for if the show is coming back or not.

  • john

    Go to the real housewives of Miami Wikipedia and see the cast changes!

  • john

    If you go to the Miami Wikipedia, go to the housewife timeline and see the cast names for season four.

  • john

    Why doesn’t bravo just say that it’s canceled and spare us the aggony.

  • john

    Will bravo ever let fans know if it is returning or not?


    If you to Wikipedia of the real housewives of Miami it will state that it is canncelled:-(


    **** YO BRAVO!!! You toy with fans when they want to know if it is returning!!!

  • Brennen

    Despite the ratings, this is one of my favorite of the entire series & I watch them all. (the Nielsen system is a scam anyway. They have been sued for paying their Nielsen box owners to watch certain shows.) Just tell us already !

  • Jan Fejka

    Get rid of some of those BITCHES from RHONY. Bring Jill Zarin back instead of freaking Ramona, Aviva and Heather. I am sick of Atlanta too. I loved RHOM, and Momma Elsa. Who ever is the one picking these crappy ass woman needs to be FIRED also! Sorry Andy but you all can do better that this.

  • Bring RHOM BACK those bitches ROCKED THEM ALL 🙂


    Why does bravo not just say it was cancelled and spare us(the fans) the torment of wating for the show to return.

  • Shannel

    I haven’t heard anything recently. I hope it does though, it was my favorite of the franchise.

  • Belle

    Miami has some of the most beautiful people in the world. Can you please just find a new cast or do whatever needs to be done and bring RHOM back already. I’ve been waiting for years. This is ridiculous. You play boring seasons of RHONY and cancel RHOM(?) How does that work.