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Is Ramona Singer Addicted To Pills… Again?

It sounds like things may not be going so well for Real Housewives of New York City star, Ramona Singer, 59, according to rumors that are constantly popping up that suggest the reality television star is addicted to diet pills.

Tons of rumors are swirling all over the Internet suggesting that Ramona is addicted to these pills, but she’s vehemently denying them. Just last week, Ramona was disinvited to LuAnn de Lesseps birthday party, and Ramona took to her social media accounts to express her feelings on the whole situation.


Obviously, she wasn’t happy in her social posts, and some are wondering if she was on a diet pill-fueled tirade while ranting on Twitter. In our opinion, this is just reaching for drama. Someone that’d addicted to diet pills would probably find it hard to sit at the computer typing out Twitter responses.

Whether she’s on diet pills or not, we do know that Ramona used to be addicted to anxiety medication, to which she’s admitted that she overmedicated herself at times, in an attempt to combat her depression that she was going through.

With the common knowledge that Ramona used to have pill problems with anxiety meds, it’s led a lot of fans to think that it wouldn’t be far fetched to assume she’s on diet pills.

What do you think, Bravo fans? Is Ramona addicted to pills? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  • Debbie Helfrich

    I am 60 yrs old and consider myself pretty energetic for my age…However Ramona wears me out with her energy level. I have witnessed someone on diet pills and the word amped up is putting it mildly.