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Is LaLa Kent Getting Her Own Spinoff Show?

As we announced before, LaLa Kent has been given the ax from Vanderpump Rules, even though she says it was because she got fired her choice, we still don’t believe her.

To proclaim that it was her choice, she’s posted on both Twitter and Instagram now, swearing that it was her decision to leave the show, yada yada.

Either way, you will get to see her on Vanderpump Rules season 5 in some way, but don’t get your hopes up.

Originally, LaLa posted on Twitter that it was her decision to peace out from the show, and that it just simply wasn’t for her.

Well, Starcasm took a copy of her tweet, announcing LaLa’s departure, and LaLa decided to take a screen grab of the article with her embedded tweet, and elaborate on it a bit on her Instagram page:

lala kent instagram post

As you can see, LaLa is urging her followers to stay tuned for her next big move.

Now, we’re wondering what she means by this. Is she going to try out for another reality show? Does she think that she’s going to get her own spinoff show?

If that’s the case, we have some horrible news for LaLa, as getting her own spinoff show just isn’t going to happen.

Granted, we like LaLa, and think that she should be a part of Vanderpump Rules, because that show needs some new blood to stir up the pot a little bit, but that’s also out of the question, as well, and LaLa just doesn’t have what it takes to get her own spinoff.

Remember when Stassi Schroeder was known as Princess Stassi, and she was the star power of Vanderpump Rules at one time?

stassi schroeder returns to vanderpump rules

… And then she got too big for her breeches, left the show, thought she was going to move to NYC and get her own spinoff show, and then when it didn’t happen she came crawling back?

Now, Stassi is like a whipped puppy, and somewhat taking on the role of the awkward third wheel.

You damn sure don’t want to go that route, LaLa.

Either way, it looks like LaLa is hard at work on her next big move, as she recently took to the beautiful beaches of California to show off her ass:

lala kent in a thong

Glad to see you’re kicking things into high gear, LaLa! Achieve those dreams, girl.

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