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Is Kathryn Dennis From Southern Charm Dating A New Man?

Kathryn Dennis sparked a lot of discussion last night, as apparently she was spending a night out on Sunday with a handsome young man. In a picture she posted on her Facebook page, a lot of people are wondering what the two were up to. I mean, is she on a date?!?! Check out the Facebook post below:

Kathryn Dennis posts a Facebook status of herself with Aaron Jones

As you can see, Kathryn has quite the smile stretched across her face, which is definitely nice to see, as there’s not many instances that show her smiling on Southern Charm.

So, who is this mystery guy, Aaron Jones, in the picture? Well, we honestly haven’t a clue at the moment, but one things for sure — he’s a lot younger than Thomas Ravenel. As a matter of fact, a lot of the comments on her Facebook post are from fans congratulating her for being out on what looks like a date with a total (younger) hunk.

There’s also other pictures on Aaron Jones’ Facebook page that he’s added of both him and Kathryn hanging out.

kathryn dennis and aaron jones

In this picture, it looks like he and Kathryn are quite comfortable together, and looks to be the second picture of him with his arm placed around her.

This is also a picture he shared, saying that they were hanging out in Charleston, South Carolina, on a Friday night.

kathryn dennis and aaron jones picture

Looks like Kathryn and Aaron have been painting the town red together in all of these pictures.

He also went on to share this picture below, and captioning it with a throwback Thursday hashtag.

kathryn dennis dating aaron jones

Well, looks like these two have known each other for a decent little while. Maybe there’s a flame there that’s being rekindled? We don’t know, but we did some snooping through Aaron’s profile, and saw that he does appear to be quite the lady’s man. We were unable to determine as to whether or not he’s currently in a relationship, but judging by the pictures he’s share with Kathryn, we highly doubt it.

What do you think of Kathryn’s potential new man? How does he stack up against Thomas? Let us know by leaving a comment below, or tagging us on Twitter.

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