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Is Kathryn Dennis Dating a Drug Dealer?

Southern Charm star, Kathryn Dennis has been accused multiple times of being addicted to drugs, and a source recently revealed that the fiery redhead is actually dating a drug dealer.

Now, you’re likely confused, because it wasn’t long ago that we reported on Kathryn dating a new man, Aaron Jones. Unfortunately, that flame didn’t last long, as apparently the 26-year-old is battling some sort of medical problems.

According to a source, it wasn’t long until Kathryn got back into the dating scene, and she found another older man, whom is also a well-known drug dealer in the area:

She is looking for an older man to cake care of her. Kathryn hooking up with an older man and quickly moving in with him comes as no surprise to anyone.

So, who is this new man?

John Dowd

He goes by the name of John Dowd, also commonly referred to as Johnny Dowd, and the source refers to him as a “Rod Stewart lookalike.” The man used to own an antique shop, but decided to close it down in 2012. However, Dowd still considers himself to be in the “antique scene.”

The man used to have a wife by the name of Nikki Dowd, but she lost her life at the age of 40 in what some speculate to be a suicide. Witnesses state that they saw her climb under the gates in front of a train.

The source claims that John doesn’t only sell antiques:

This guy sells antiques and is a pill pusher.

A lot of people are speculating that Kathryn isn’t only dating this new guy so that she can have a sugar daddy, but that she wants to be close to a supply of drugs, as well.

Either way, for the sake of everyone involved, especially the kids, we hope this isn’t the case.

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