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Is Kathryn Dennis Back With Thomas Ravenel? Receives Flowers From…

So, we’re pretty sure Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm is currently hanging out in rehab, as she’s been posting a ton of pictures from Malibu, California.

Also, insiders have reported that Kathryn is, in fact, in rehab. It’s not official, but something’s up!

Either way, Kathryn received an arrangement of flowers, and she posted them on her Instagram page with the hashtag “#somebodylovesme.”

kathryn dennis receives flowers

A lot of people believe that it could have been T-Rav that sent Kathryn the flowers, but who knows?

Maybe she met someone out in Cali? Maybe it’s family / friends / love interests from Charleston having some delivered to her from afar?

Some even think that it may have been Whitney who sent the flowers, because he’s also been hanging out in California as of late.

Either way, we have to give it to her follower, KodyMac13 for this comment:

landon clements flowers

I’m sorry, but that comment almost caused me to douse my keyboard in coffee when I busted out laughing.

But hey, don’t feel bad, Landon! At least you got some balloons:

landon clements on the beach

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