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Inside the Actors Studio With Bruce & Laura Dern

You know how the evening of Christmas, after all of the gifts have been opened, stockings have been un-stuffed and you’ve finished feasting with your nearest and dearest, there’s that sort of empty feeling when you realize it’s a full 365 days until next Christmas? Sure, the shopping, travel, baking, and party-throwing can be overwhelming but, at least for me, it’s always a little bit bittersweet when it’s all said and done. Well, this year, Bravo will be there to help us get over our post-holiday let down! More specifically, James Lipton will be there, with Oscar-nominated actors Bruce and Laura Dern on Thursday, December 26, at 7pm.

This pairing marks the first father-daughter duo to grace the “Inside the Actors Studio” stage in its 19-year history.

bravo bruce and laura dern

Fresh off of a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor, Bruce Dern joins James Lipton, along with daughter Laura, to discuss his impressive 50-year career that led him to the life-changing lead role as Woody Grant in Paramount Pictures’ Nebraska. In the episode, Lipton delves into both Bruce’s and Laura’s individual careers, as well as their personal relationship. Viewers will learn what it was like for Laura to grow up with both her father and mother, Diane Ladd, in the industry, and to be the first and only family to each have a star side by side on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Bruce Dern reveals what it was like to be the only actor to kill John Wayne in a movie, and why Jack Nicholson is the best on-screen partner he has ever had.

Bruce Dern is well known for his various roles as outspoken, unstable villains, so the quiet, deluded character of Woody Grant is a first for him in Alexander Payne’s film for which Dern earned the best actor award at the Cannes Film Festival. Dern has appeared in various classic films including The Cowboys, The King of Marvin Gardens, The Great Gatsby and was nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal as Captain Bob Hyde in Coming Home.

Laura Dern is a three-time Golden Globe Award winner, and has been nominated for an Academy Award for her role in Rambling Rose as well as several Emmy Awards. Other notable appearances by Dern include Blue Velvet, Citizen Ruth and Jurassic Park. She starred as Amy Jellicoe in HBO’s television series Enlightened.

With these two Hollywood icons to look forward to, we’ll surely be able to keep the holiday cheer rolling well after Christmas is over (at least an extra day, anyways!)

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