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How To Watch Vanderpump Rules Online

Whether you’re new into Vanderpump Rules or picking up from last season, it’s not a sure thing you’ll always have time to keep up with every premiere, even if you’re a dedicated fan who likes to keep a schedule of their favorite Bravo shows, or if you try to remember to record anything you’ll have to miss. Let’s face it, the odds are good that between a family, a job, the house, and every other tempting show on TV, you’re gonna end up missing at least one or two episodes and find yourself wanting a way to catch up fast before today’s new season is next year’s last. Whatever drama is going on in your life, it’s a great time to get into streaming TV, so Vanderpump Rules can be ready at your fingertips whenever you are!

If you find yourself strapped for time and needing to catch up with previous episodes, a great place to begin is as Bravo’s own website. There you can find an extensive list of what Bravo programs are available to watch online, provided by the network itself, Vanderpump Rules included. However, don’t get too excited if you suddenly want to check out your whole backlog of Bravo programming, as doesn’t currently offer all of its shows there. Not to mention there’s often a wait-period before new episodes are added to their listings. What are you to do then?

For the first problem, the solution may be Hulu. The lineup of Bravo programming featured on the site is extensive. This, for example, is only a sample:

watch bravo shows on hulu

However, in order to get the full experience, you’ll need to be able to sign into the site via one of their participating TV companies. If you subscribe to Armstrong, BendBroadband, Consolidated Communications, DISH, Grande Communications, Mediacom, Optimum, Suddenlink, or Verizon, then you’re in luck! If you have Comcast, a different provider, or no cable/satellite at all, you’ll have to pay the fee in order to connect, or otherwise settle with watching the provided previews rather than full episodes.

Either way, with the enormous selection they have, I feel Hulu is a great service to check out at least once, even if they don’t have the most recent episodes of your faves. Now, what to do about getting the latest Vanderpump eps ASAP? Don’t despair!

Your next stop could be YouTube, which has taken a big step into the future of online TV by partnering with many cable and satellite stations to offer just about any episode of their shows at around $1.99 each. That includes Bravo TV, and Vanderpump Rules! Every episode from the previous seasons are currently uploaded to the Bravo’s VR channel on YouTube, and so will those from the most recent one as they premiere. So if you miss one and don’t mind spending a couple bucks to catch up, you know where to go!

But what if you don’t know how often you’ll even have access to your TV in the coming month? If you’re sharing a place with a roommate, spouse or kids, it can be hard to argue over who gets to watch what, and when. If this sounds like your situation, iTunes might be the best choice for you. Like YouTube, iTunes offers most of Bravo’s shows, including the latest from Vanderpump Rules, for a few dollars per episode. At first, it seems like the pricier option of the two, at $2.99 per episode. However, what iTunes offers is the opportunity to buy season passes to certain shows at a flat-rate of around $19.99 per season, which is a little cheaper than the possibility of wanting to catch up on only one or two missed episodes, and instead ending up having to pay for all but two online. Ugh. Check out the latest VR season on iTunes here, and keep your eyes peeled for the new one coming up any time now!

watch-bravo-shows-onlineIf you’re strapped for cash, and find yourself missing the latest from Lisa Vanderpump and co. regardless, you may be in a bind. Unlike stations like HBO, which offers its HBO Go app to catch up with recent programming anytime at no extra charge, Bravo has yet to unveil a mobile app for its viewers. Will they eventually jump on board with the idea? That’s an optimistic maybe. Watching TV online is getting more convenient, and more popular, with every passing day. If there comes a time when “Bravo Go” (or whatever else they choose to call it) becomes a thing, we’ll be right there, and ready to fill you in!

Those are currently the four best ways of watching Vanderpump Rules from the comfort of your computer that I know of. With these options, any episode should be available to you from the beginning up until tonight and beyond. If you’ve got any more ways to watch you’d like to share, keep in touch!