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How To Watch Don’t Be Tardy Online

andylaptopIf you’re addicted to Don’t Be Tardy, but too often find yourself tardy when it comes to seeing the latest episodes on Bravo, don’t despair! Whether your kids, tonight’s dinner, or a call to a relative that goes on way too long are to blame, there are ways of getting caught up in a jiff that don’t involve having set your Tivo to record beforehand. The solution is streaming online, and in case you’ve missed Don’t Be Tardy, there are several different ways of getting back on schedule.

First of all, you can check to see if they have the episode you’re looking for in their online selection. In most cases, they won’t have the newest Don’t Be Tardy premiere until a long while after it’s come and gone. So unless what you’re looking for is an episode that you failed to catch a while back, it’s best just to move on to your next option.

Hulu is usually a free and reliable way of seeing Bravo’s shows online, so long as you can connect to their services through a partnered television provider (the list includes Armstrong, BendBroadband, Consolidated Communications, DISH, Grande Communications, Mediacom, Optimum, Suddenlink, and Verizon). Provided you subscribe to one of these companies, you can catch the newest Don’t Be Tardy soon after it airs. On the downside, however, if you don’t have any of these services, you’ll be limited to watching clips from previous episodes instead.

If Hulu sounds good to you, check out some of the listings from their Bravo TV page:

watch bravo shows on hulu

If you want the latest Don’t Be Tardy episode without subscription, and you don’t mind paying $1.99 per episode, then YouTube is probably your best choice! Bravo has its own page for DBT up, same as most of their other popular series, in which you can find every episode up to the current season streaming for around the same price. Of course, if you’re planning to binge-watch, it may not be the best to keep ponying up a nearly $2 fee every time you switch to a new episode.

iTunesDon’t Be Tardy streaming page provides a similar option that seems more expensive on the surface ($2.99 per episode? Yikes), but thankfully includes a perk just for those who’d like to jump into a season and keep watching until it’s done – allowing customers to pay a flat rate of around $14.99 for access to a season from the beginning, to watch at your viewing pleasure.

watch-bravo-shows-onlineUnfortunately, unlike HBO with their HBO Go app, Bravo has yet to jump into the mobile market with an application that can allow customers to watch their programming for free on their phone. Whether they’re eventually planning one (online TV is in bloom, after all), or sticking fast to cable, dish and internet, we’ll be keeping an eye out and letting you know if they make a breakthrough!

For now, these are the only ways of which we know to keep up with Don’t Be Tardy online. If you’ve got any you prefer, be sure to keep us posted! As always, if you want to know when the next season of Don’t Be Tardy is going to premiere, or keep up with your other favorite shows, you can always check out our Bravo series premiere schedule page.