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How To Watch Après Ski Online

Have you been looking forward to Après Ski, but now that the first episode has come and gone, you don’t know if you’ll be able to be sitting down at the TV when its time slot rolls around? I confess, I had the series premiere on my schedule, but when I had to work late, I didn’t think to set my DVR to record it. I’m not worried, because there are plenty of ways to watch Bravo’s TV shows online.

The first place to check would be BravoTV.com. As of November 5, 2015, they have the first episode of Après Ski up and ready to watch!  However, before you get too comfortable, know that you can’t find all Bravo shows on the site all of the time, and they aren’t always up to date getting premieres up in a timely fashion. So in case you’re reading this article sometime down the line and find the first season of Après is no longer available, it’d do you good to read on for more viewing options.

Hulu is your place to go for a large selection of Bravo programming of the past and present. Just a few of their top picks can be seen in the screenshot below:

watch bravo shows on hulu

As with many streaming services, you’ll have to log in with your cable provider in order to have full access. If you’re subscribed to Armstrong, BendBroadband, Consolidated Communications, DISH, Grande Communications, Mediacom, Optimum, Suddenlink, or Verizon then you’ll be ready to watch Après Ski, along with any number of other Bravo shows, at any time! Comcast customers won’t be so lucky, and they, as well as say, someone who doesn’t get cable or dish TV in the home, will have to sign up for a paid account with Hulu, or only catch the short clips of these shows Hulu provides for free.

But before you sign up for a Hulu account, know that if you’re considering for-pay streaming options, there may be others that better fit your needs, and budget. Youtube.com has several Bravo programs with their own separate channels. While Après Ski has yet to get a channel of its own, chances are excellent that when the first season ends, all episodes will be uploaded. Usually, prices for Bravo episodes on Youtube are around the $1.99 range. So if the season ends and you find you’ve missed one or two episodes throughout the run, you can head down to Youtube to catch up quick!

If you find yourself missing a whole season, for whatever reason, iTunes may be a better deal. As with Youtube, Après Ski has yet to have its own section on iTunes, but as Bravo’s new shows typically go up on iTunes at some point following their debut, chances are also good that Après Ski will be available soon. The prices for individual episodes from a recent season are usually a little higher on iTunes, at around $2.99 per episode. However, in the case that you have missed most or all of a season and want to make yourself a mini-marathon, you can usually buy a whole season of any given Bravo show on iTunes for around $14.99-$25.99 (depending on the length and/or episode count), making a total rewatch a little bit easier on the wallet. It’s also an ideal way to get into a new season and get new episodes as they come out without having to plan out your weekly TV time!

watch-bravo-shows-onlineThose are all the ways we know of to check out Après Ski online. Sadly, Bravo still doesn’t have a mobile app for watching TV on the go, like HBO Go or other networks’ apps. But who knows? The future of streaming TV is a bright one, and we can bet that Bravo won’t want to get left behind. If and when it decides to enter the mobile market, we’ll keep you informed.

What are your favorite options for catching this new show on your computer? We’d love to know!