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Holy Crap! Could Kathryn Dennis & Thomas Ravenel FINALLY Be On Good Terms?

Okay, this is a turn of events that I certainly didn’t see coming whatsoever, but it looks like Southern Charm stars, Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel could actually be on the mend.

With a very heated custody battle looming between the two, we thought that there was absolutely no hope for them.

This is especially true since Thomas was wanting Kathryn to be arrested for breaking some court orders and Kathryn accusing Thomas of drug abuse, being promiscuous with the nanny’s teenage daughter and so much more.

Well, hope is on the horizon for the estranged couple, as it looks like that may have weathered the storm.

The two were having lunch together at Gentry Bar & Room, which is owned by JD Madison, who is Thomas’ big time buddy on Southern Charm.

JD decided to snap a picture of Kathryn and Thomas, so he could post it up on the restaurant’s official Twitter.

We have to say, the couple looked extremely happen, and weren’t sitting across from each other.

Instead, the two were sitting side-by-side:

Kathryn then decided to head on over to her own account and said she was more than happy with her meal:

So, if you’re ever in Charleston, it sounds like Gentry Bar & Room is the place you need to hit up for some good grub.

Some fans of Southern Charm decided to take it upon themselves to leave a comment, as they were just as confused as we were.

When a fan commented on the alleged drug and alcohol abuse, saying they hope the best for the kids, JD jumped in and said that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about:

Well, that’s definitely great!

Let’s hope that this is a new beginning for the former couple, and they can put their difference aside for the kids’ sake.

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