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Heather Dubrow’s Fanciest Feature In Her Home Will Blow Your Mind!

Chateau Dubrow is a crazy home with a lot of extravagant features, such as the famous champagne doorbell that she had installed in her closet.

Spoiler Alert: The champagne doorbell is NOT the fanciest thing Heather Dubrow has had installed in her home.

I know, it’s hard to believe that you could possibly top a champagne doorbell.

In an interview with PopSugar, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star said that she loves her doorbell:

My champagne doorbell is one of the greatest things ever. When we’re building the house I was like, ‘Where’s my room?’ Terry’s got this man cave and and I’m like, ‘Where am I going?’ And I realize it’s my closet, and so I made sure that it was really fabulous and comfortable.

Whenever Heather presses the doorbell, a chime goes off in the kitchen, which is to notify Dr. Terry Dubrow that his wife expects to have her champagne brought up to her.

Even though this is an amazing feature that still blows my mind, there’s something else Heather has had installed in her home that would actually come in handy quite often.

This little feature is called a dumbwaiter.

In case you have no idea what a dumbwaiter is; it’s basically an elevator or lift system typically installed in homes/buildings that have multiples stories, so you can easily transport items.

Heather’s was installed so that she can conveniently transport her groceries, without having to carry them in the home:

I designed it so that when you pull into the garage, you can park and unload the groceries into the dumbwaiter and hit the button and the dumbwaiter goes into the pantry.

Now, I know that a lot of people roll their eyes at Heather and think that she has way too much money that she can frivolously blow through.

However, every person out there knows that lugging groceries from your vehicle to your kitchen is one of the more daunting tasks in adult life.

It goes without saying that I’m seriously jealous of Heather and I had the opportunity to live as luxuriously as she does, I’d definitely install a dumbwaiter.

That would be a major quality of life upgrade!

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  • lillymum

    Bwahahaha! like Heather actually grocery shops! She doesn’t know how to cook & I doubt she has ever spent time in a grocery store.She has a dumbwaiter for her staff of maids, butlers, cooks & waiters to serve her! Must be nice for some…. I will think of her while I climb the 2 flights of stairs in my apt. with my arthritic knees carrying my groceries that I bought myself…lol