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Heather Dubrow: Terry Needs To Make Some Changes And Spend More Time With His Family

The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Heather Dubrow, has been insanely busy as of late, but still not as busy as her husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, whom she says needs to start spending more time with the family.

In the latest addition to her Bravo blog, Heather elaborates:

The dinner with Terry….

We had just come from a meeting with our publishers and were on such a high! Ready to celebrate, so it surprised me when Terry brought up Max and the empty chair photos. This was news to me and so sad. Like I said, I can only do so much – at some point Terry needs to take action and be home more.

For all of you who think Terry is working so much to pay for the house we are building let me fill you in…yes, of course that’s partially true, but the real reason he is working so much is because he is filming two TV shows AND there’s a lot of travel involved. He says yes to everyone, except the family. This has now become obvious to him and he needs to make some choices moving forward. I hope he does…

Okay, so let’s go ahead and break this down.

Terry is working so much…

So, you bring up the point that Terry is working on two shows, and there’s a lot of travel involved.

You’re going to talk about Terry traveling so much, but you’re constantly up his @$$, and traveling with him to all of these interviews and everything.

I mean, have we seen Terry take part in an interview without Heather hanging onto his coat tails?

heather and terry dubrow interview

Also, you’re putting together Chateau Dubrow, and you’re going to complain about Terry getting in as much work as he can to pay for your lavish new mansion?

If you’re going to continue to take money out of his pockets, you can’t complain when he’s doing what he can to rebuild his finances.

I’m sorry Heather, but there’s a little bit of give and take when it comes to that whole situation.

An outside look at Chateau Dubrow.
An outside look at Chateau Dubrow.

And it’s not like Heather isn’t the busy bee, herself.

After all, she’s working on co-authoring a new book with Terry:

heather dubrow and terry dubrow book

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We also can’t forget that Heather a full time cast member of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

And addition to that, she has a podcast.

So, Heather, you may want to step back and do a little bit of reflecting, instead of constantly giving your hard-working husband crap all the time.

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