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Heather Dubrow: I’m Moving Into Chateau Dubrow Alone!

So, want to hear about things that rich people can spend their money on with a smile on their face, while you’re sitting behind a desk reading this article at a job that makes you feel like the human version of a turd?

No problem!

Let’s just see what Real Housewives of Orange County star, Heather Dubrow is up to today!

Well, what do you know — she’s working on chateau Dubrow again, and she admits that she had a door bell installed that she can push whenever she wants someone to bring her champagne from her massive champagne room.

Check out this video of her dishing on her mansion and its incredible features:

Yes, Bravoholics, at one point, Terry Dubrow thought he was going to actually downsize…  😆

And yes, Heather really does have a door bell in her mansion that she can press whenever she wants Terry to bring her up some champagne.

Just in case you haven’t seen her Champagne room:

heather dubrow champagne cellar

I like how Heather spotted the dolly of champagne and thought it would be the perfect time for a photo op.

Let’s face it, if she has a door bell for people to bring champagne up to her, there’s no way she unloaded any of those boxes.

Oh, and here’s a picture of their movie theater room, which I’m insanely jealous of right now:

heather dubrow movie theater picture

And here’s a picture of their family room, and the massive couch they’ve tossed in it:

terry dubrow on the couch

We’re glad Terry snagged a picture of him sitting on the couch while he could.

We highly doubt he’ll be able to sit on that bad boy ever again, because he’s going to have to work his butt off just to afford it.

What do you think about Heather’s mansion, and all of its snazzy features? Leave a comment below and let us know. Now, get back to pushing those pencils, my fellow worker bees.

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