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Heather Dubrow: Bring In The Booze!

The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Heather Dubrow, is bringing champagne in by the boat load to her new home…

Mmmm… just thinking about all those sparkling little bubbles.

Once again, Heather took to social media to share another picture of the mansion she’s working on with her hubby, Terry Dubrow.

In this picture, she shows us what it’s like to be insanely rich, which allows you to splurge on massive amounts of champagne.

Check out the new picture below:

heather dubrow champagne cellar


Just the dolly to carry the champagne on is almost as tall as Heather herself.

Heather, when are you going to invite us over for a night of bubbly feel goods?

… And… can we sit in your movie theater, too?

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