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[HEARTBREAKING] Kathryn Dennis: My Kids Don’t Even Call Me Mommy!

Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm hasn’t had the best family life, and that definitely goes without saying.

As a matter of fact, she wrote Thomas Ravenel a heartbreaking letter on the latest episode of Southern Charm, saying that she’s sorry that their kids have to grow up in a home where their mommy and daddy aren’t together.

Now, Kathryn is upset, saying that Thomas instructs their children, Kensington, and St Julien, to call Kathryn by her real name, rather than calling her mom.

Even worse, she says that Thomas encourages the kids to call the nanny by “mommy.”

Kathryn is filing court documents, saying that she wasn’t allowed at St Julien’s christening reception:

[The nanny] refused to allow [her] to hold her son and [Ravenel] told [Dennis] that if [she] did not leave the reception, he would call the police.

Dennis has also requested that she be granted full custody of the children, and Thomas to only be allowed visitation.

She also wants Thomas to cough up $10,000 for every single day she goes without visitation, in addition to her legal fees.

Things are beginning to get very heated as far as their custody battles are concerned, and we can only wish for the best for the children involved.

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