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Former #RHOA Star Phaedra Parks Dishes On Divorce Drama; Reveals Apollo Nida Is In Solitary Confinement

Now it looks like former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Phaedra Parks, may be willing to dish on her divorce drama, which is something she refused to go into on #RHOA.

But, she’s been fired by Bravo, so a girl has to do what she has to do in order to get a little bit of attention, right?

Phaedra spoke with Us Weekly about her divorce drama and even dished on what’s going on with her ex, Apollo Nida, while he’s been incarcerated.

Phaedra’s divorce is still ongoing, and it was rumored that she was trying to get it finalized as quickly as possible, without keeping Nida in the know, but she says that’s not the case at all:

There was never any intention of keeping him out of the loop. He was very active throughout the process.

Phaedra also went on to discuss how “frustrating,” it is now that she’s a single mom.

Meanwhile, Nida has since moved on and is currently engaged to Sherien Almufti.

Of course it’s very frustrating, it’s very expensive, it’s very emotionally draining and quite time consuming. It’s a very difficult process and it’s unfortunate that it was overturned but it is what it is and so I’ll go through the process again and we’ll see what happens this time. Hopefully it won’t take as long as it did the first time.

There’s been a lot of drama throughout this divorce and it seems like this thing is never going to get finalized.

Recently, Nida has even said that he wants the prenup between the former couple to be thrown out because he signed it before Phaedra was a reality tv star on Bravo, and he wants some of the money she earned from Real Housewives of Atlanta.

There’s no word as of yet whether or not the prenup still stands, but you’d think with Phaedra being an attorney, the prenup is going to be air tight.

Phaedra Parks holding the ‘Queen of Shade,’ award at The Bravos.

In the interview, Phaedra also went on to talk about how the children are doing without their father around:

When Apollo left, Dylan was barely a year old so he doesn’t really have the recollection of Apollo like Ayden has. Ayden of course has very fond memories of his father so he realizes that he’s in New Jersey, but as far as specifically, Apollo told them, but I don’t think they appreciate really what being incarcerated means, and of course because they are at such a tender age, that’s not something I’m really honing in on.

Phaedra went on to say that “when he calls, obviously we answer,” but she admits that the calls have died down in the past few days because Apollo is currently in solitary confinement.

Nida has come forward and complained that he doesn’t get to see his sons on a regular basis, but Phaedra has said there’s a “possibility,” that she may take the kids to visit him.

It’s certainly odd that Phaedra is opening up about all of this right now and you have to wonder if maybe she’s doing it just for the opportunity to throw some shade at Apollo for being in solitary confinement?

It’s well-known that Bravo producers weren’t happy with Phaedra because she was unwilling to go into the details of her divorce on air, but now she’s sharing some tidbits in interviews now that she’s been fired.

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