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Flipping Out Season 8?

flipping out season 8 cast

Did you watch this last season of Flipping Out? If so, you were among the shrinking number of loyal fans who tuned in to watch Jeff, Jenni, Zoila & crew’s antics this season. Season 7 saw its ratings dip to lows not recorded since Season 2 aired in 2008. Eeesh. So, have we seen the last of Flipping Out on Bravo? Let’s take a closer look:

First of all, I should probably disclose that I’ve missed a few seasons of Flipping Out. I did watch Season 7 in its entirety but haven’t been a regular watcher since probably the 2nd or 3rd season until now. While I have caught episodes here and there in between and have stayed up to date on the major plot lines, I can’t really compare Season 7 to recent seasons. So, cut me some slack if you feel my analysis of this season is out of context, but hear me out.

To me, Flipping Out Season 7 seemed to consist of a series of potential plot lines that sort of failed to really take off. At one point it seemed that Jeff was about to sell his house and get back in the flipping business, an exciting prospect which would have brought the show full circle back to its roots. Despite the consistent title, Flipping Out hasn’t been about actual house flipping in years. But nope, despite building up this possibility for several episodes, in the end the idea just fizzled. Another teased plot twist which never actually happened was the issue with Andy’s inappropriate behavior. All season I was expecting one of his many antics to finally get him axed (and the fact that Jenni alluded to “employee turnover” being the most surprising thing about this season when I spoke with her prior to the premiere had me convinced it was coming). After all the build up all we got was a confusing tantrum from Andy at the retreat.

flipping out andy

I suppose it’s important to remember that Flipping Out, perhaps even more than other reality shows, is just about what’s happening in the day-to-day reality of Jeff’s business. So, while I can’t really fault anyone for not making exciting enough business decisions to make for interesting TV, it could pose a problem for the show’s future.

Whatever the reason, a lot of past season’s regulars failed to tune in this time around. Season 7 fell below the important million viewer average, clocking only 966,500 viewers per episode. Compare this with Season 6 which pulled in an average of 1,141,333 viewers per episode or Season 5 which boasted 1,346,364 and the downward trend is pretty blatant. Besides the arguably lackluster Season 7 plot lines, the extended gap between the 6th and 7th seasons could also be partly to blame for the ratings loss. 

flipping out jeff lewis

So, what does all this add up to when it comes to the potential renewal of Flipping Out for Season 8? My guess is that whatever Flipping Out’s fate, we almost definitely haven’t seen the last of Jeff Lewis or Jenni Pulos on Bravo. Their other show, Interior Therapy, actually brought in more viewers for its 2nd season than did this most recent installment of Flipping Out. We also have no word yet about Interior Therapy being renewed for Season 3. Jeff and Jenni were both invited to the 2014 NBC Upfront Presentations to represent Bravo and appeared in this year’s Summer By Bravo campaign. Clearly Bravo sees a future with this dynamic duo. My guess is that Flipping Out will be back but we may see some changes or possibly a new day or time to try and get ratings back up to par.

What do you think? Would you like to see Flipping Out return for Season 8?

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  • Tinker Belle

    flipping out season is too short. a longer season might keep people interested.

    • Russ

      I could not agree more; the season is WAY too short, and for what ever reason the first 5 seasons seemed a lot longer or their was so much drama and fighting going on you thought it was much longer. Season 7 was the biggest disappointment, and it took me weeks before I went back to watch the final 2 episodes on TiVo.

      The show has had a great run, but what make it interesting is the drama, fighting, and many properties being worked on.

  • Donna Kossman Armour

    So when is season 8 coming out my mother in law loves this show n she use to work with jeff too so she has been a big follower someone please let me know

  • fancyzebra

    The real problem is that the show no longer focuses on the Jeff-Jenni relationship; nor does it give attention anymore to the running of Jeff’s house and care of his pets. I get it that Jenni is involved with her own family and therefore spends relatively little time working for Jeff, but Sarah Berkman was too stupid to be a good replacement for Jenni; and Andrew Coleman is just disgusting and unfunny. Too much time was given to Andrew, which made Season 7 boring. Get rid of Andrew altogether; and find a smart and savvy assistant for Jeff (assuming that Jenni can’t come back in that role). AND SHOW MORE OF JEFF’S PETS, especially Casey!

  • Kelley Bagley

    regardless i hope it comes back, I love his OCD honesty. This is a good show whether he flips houses or is making business decisions that are interesting or not.

  • Debi S

    I found Flipping Out by channel surfing & have trouble keeping track of season premiere updates! Very frustrating, I almost missed several season premieres & just happen to see season 7 listed the night before airing! They really need more channels advertising their show! I LOVE this show & LOVE Jeff Lewis…hope they come back!!!

  • Nancy G

    I love both Flipping Out and Interior Therapy. I have never missed an episode of either show. They just have to be renewed. I wish I had one of those ratings boxes in my home! Goog Luck Jeff and Jenni!

  • Aryn

    the season is too short…and the long hiatus between seasons needs to be cut in half and promoted better by Bravo before the season starts.

  • Guest

    I love Flipping Out and now I’m concerned that it won’t return! I also loved Property Envy although never saw Interior Therapy. I truly hope Jeff returns as I find him hilarious!

    • fancyzebra

      I liked Property Envy too, but I guess not too many other viewers agreed with us 🙁

  • fancyzebra

    The main problem is that way too much time was given to Andrew Coleman and his stupid, childish, unfunny antics. Andrew should be dropped completely or at least given no more than 5 minutes of screen time.
    Zoila is another issue. Apparently she doesn’t have that much to do around Jeff’s house because her main function in Season 6 seemed to be calling Gage “Barbie Bitch” and being insubordinate. I like Zoila, but it got boring fast.
    Recently I’ve been re-watching Season 5. Even though Jeff wasn’t flipping, it’s the next best thing because the episodes show him interacting with contractors more, as opposed to getting caught up too much in the clients themselves or his employees.

  • Jacqueline



  • ANN


  • albertdee

    I love this show soooo much. This show and Bill Maher are the only shows I watch. I am not a tv show person. I have all the episodes on my Dvr and I watch them over and over. Jeffery is the best! I got my girlfriend hooked as well.Thank you Mr. Lewis for the best tv show on the planet….besides bill maher

  • albertdee

    Long live monkey!

  • Kevin Johnson

    PLEASE BRING BACK “FLIPPING OUT!” Great Group of People who are always engaging and entertaining even when they get a bit crazed. Jeff Lewis and Company feel like home for those of U.S. who connect with their over-the-top personalities, clients, and awesome creativity/designing. Never want to miss a moment!

  • Joan S

    I love Flipping Out but do have to admit that Andy is lowering the integrity of the show. I don’t care for him at all!!!!

  • Kerrie O’Brien Gallagher

    BOTH shows have to come back or I may die! Without Andrew preferably but they both need to come back immediately. …..please!

  • David Townsend

    Hurry up season 8

  • Tony Frey

    It is always a blast to watch, especially Jeff being slammed by Zoila’s antics and her not wanting to listen to Jeffrey’s orders, which at times seem anal retentive. Also, I would love to see more of Jeff making Zoila jeolous by complementing Zoila’s chief rival Lupe on hw much better Lupe is at making Jeff’s life more structured and instrumentl in his success at new business. Also, I want to see more drama between Jeni an Jeffrey.

  • Aldo

    This must be renewed! It is a show the entire family watches and enjoys. Additionally many friends and acquaintances know the show, are regular viewers and comment on the antics of the cast. Don’t take this away and do whatever you have to do to keep Jenny!

  • heatherW

    I used AB solutely love this show but lately it has gotten very dirty and unwatchable. when it started out it was fairly clean and very enjoyable to watch. looked so forward to it coming on. Filth doesn’t always sell. comedy does.

  • I really miss Jeff Lewis. I love love every show
    He has had and also all of his employees !!!
    So what if his ratings fell a bit I have complete
    confidence that he can bring them back up.
    It’s time now so plz bring he and everyone else
    back already !!!!!
    A die hard fan
    Deborah Walker

  • Andrew should be downplayed, and Gage eliminated. Gage seems determined to run off everybody in Jeff’s world. He reminds me of Grima Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings, always whispering evil plots! Get back to what made the show great, making money on flipping houses!

  • Michelle Harte

    What is all the wait for I miss this show so much. I am tired of waiting. Please get rid of some of the Housewives drama and bring back Jeff Lewis and Southern Charm. We are tired of HOUSEWIVES !!!!!

  • Doug

    I love this show! I agree with the comment above that earlier seasons were more engaging because of jeffs interaction with the contractors. The show turned dark when gage came along — he’s the worst imo even more than Andrew who has to go. I don’t want any artificial drama, just jeffs day to day. Thanks!

  • I was late coming into all these shows( only last 3to4 years). I really love all but I have to say Ii really love Jeff Lewis in everything he has. And all his shows. I know if I had ever had a Boss like him I would want to Work for him forever!! SO PLEASE BRING HIM AND EVERYONE BACK PLEASE,,( P.S. JEFF I WOULD LOVE TO WORK FOR YOU)..

  • Darla W.

    I love Flipping Out…I need Flipping Out, Jeff Lewis and that crazy office staff in my life! Interior Therapy I need it too. I tune into Bravo just to see when one of the shows will be airing. I’ll buy more T.V’s and turn them all to Jeff programs if it helps. #Teamjefflewis

  • Twila H.

    I’ve been an avid fan since season 1. I’ve always loved the dynamics between Jeff, Jenni & Zoila. It would be a travesty if this show were cancelled. It would also be a travesty to keep Andrew. If you’re looking for the reason why thousands of viewers stopped watching in season 7, his name is Andrew. Bring the show back to what it was and ratings will soar again. 🙂

  • sarah

    Hell yeah, I want see season 8 of flipping out, I love Jeff and Jenny. Zola is the BEST. I would love that very much if they come back. It would mean so much to me.

  • Beckie

    I love this show, and I love Andrew. I’m crossing my fingers for a season 8, and I’d rather see Andrew than Gage. I love Jenni, Zoila, Jeff, and Andrew. Gage is arrogant in a non-humorous way. I too miss house flipping, but I so enjoy this crew (except Gage). I think a season 8 could be a hit if they stop including Gage, bring Trace and Jett back, and go back to flipping at least a little. But no matter what they do… I’ll watch… I adore Jeff Lewis!

  • susie

    Love both shows! Season was too short last year! Please come back!!

  • Tisha

    I love flipping out. I love Jeff’s OCD too and his relationship with Jenni. I really hope it comes back!

  • Lori

    Hurry hurry – I need my Jeff Lewis fix. LOVE hima nd the show.

  • Paulette Atkins

    I love the show, but I could never remember what night it was on and all those stupid Bimbo Housewives shows kept me from checking in! Those are a waste of brain matter!

  • joamerican

    I think they focused too much on andy and not enough on the houses and remodeling. Andy is childish and anoying. get rid of him and take the show back to design and selling

  • Mariah

    love Jeff Lewis and the gang

  • fa

    Bring it back! !!

  • Patty

    Absolutely. I love this show. Hope it comes back!

  • fancyzebra

    Zoila needs to retire because she’s acting like a spoiled brat and becoming bitter. Lupe should replace her.

  • Tomh

    I actually like Flipping Out; I think the other shows on Bravo have become a sad display of poor behavior by women and the need to beat the “Jones’s” on the way to bankruptcy court….
    Everything that’s wrong with society, and Bravo wants to glamorize it; No thanks!!
    I watch Flipping Out because I appreciate Jeff Lewis’ talents

  • Sharon Castillo

    Does anyone know what happened to Andrew? If it was posted and I missed it I apologize. Thanks!

    • Susan Schwarz

      When Jeff was on Watch What Happens Live, he said he had to let him go.

  • Ruth Lease

    Bravo, I hope both of Jeff’s shows are renewed, very entertaining.

  • PLEASE bring back Flipping Out. Jeff Lewis is interesting and often hilarious, and so are the rest of the cast. I don’t watch anything else on Bravo. The housewives bore me, but Flipping Out is always entertaining.