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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Sonja Morgan

After an extended hiatus, The Real Housewives of New York City return in 2014 for Season 6. When exactly? We don’t know. All we have from Bravo so far is a 10-second trailer teasing the new season, coming 2014:

With 2013 coming to a close and 2014 right around the corner, I’m getting pretty excited for a long-awaited reunion with my favorite Big Apple ladies! With that in mind, I reached out to everyone’s favorite toaster-oven wielding Housewife, Sonja Morgan, to catch up and get her take on Season 6.

Sonja strikes me as a woman who knows what she wants and works hard to get there. A woman who always rises to the occasion. She has led a life of ups and downs, and getting back up again. That’s where she’s at these days. The getting back up. After a difficult and still unsettled divorce, Sonja puts it all out there for us–the viewers, to see. After all, she says, that’s what reality TV is all about.

So, without further ado, here’s Sonja Morgan on RHONY Season 6, cast-mates past and present, and, of course, the toaster oven:

SM Francine Book Signing 14B copy sitting beige dressThanks for taking the time to answer a few questions, Sonja! First of all, it’s been over a year since we last saw you on RHONY. How have you been and what have you been up to?

I’ve been great and gearing up for Season Six. So much has transpired you cannot imagine. After presenting my Innovative Home Collection that was inspired from my toaster oven recipes I was told Sonja Morgan was much more than the toaster oven prototypes I had made and the Sonja Home Collection of napkins, mats, aprons and mitts!

I learned from the distributers and department store biggies that Sonja Morgan is an international fashion lifestyle brand. So onwards and upwards! Team Sonja went forward with developing the logo and we filmed the growth that culminates to an exciting unfolding story for us.

Last season, we met Heather, Carole and Aviva and some of those new friendships got off to a rocky start. How are your relationships with your cast mates right now and can we expect any changing allegiances this season?

You can always expect changing allegiances on The Real Housewives of New York City. Isn’t that, after all, the reason the viewers tune in each week? Whenever you put highly ambitious, high strung women together–especially on our infamous trips, the fireworks are bound to happen! We just can’t help ourselves, as hard as we try to keep decorum. Lol

rhony s5 vacatin

Compared to the new girls, do you ever miss the former NY Housewives when filming? Who would you pick to be back on the show?

All my former costars are superstars themselves. I would be happy to have any of them back on the show. I enjoyed my time filming with Bethenny. I love her sense of humor. I’m a fan of slapstick. I feel we give each other full creative license and understand it’s a TV show meant to entertain. That we allow each other to just let it rip and be ourselves as we would with our girlfriends off-camera. After all, that’s what reality TV is about.

Ramona said recently that Season 6 was her favorite RHONY season so far to film. She says it has “everything”! Do you agree that Season 6 is the best yet and what was a favorite moment you had filming this season?

I agree with Ramona, this is my favorite season so far as well. It does have everything! My favorite moments are the moments where I feel we inspire the viewer to get through similar experiences they share with us and feel they are not alone I. The good fight for the right reason!

Rich or poor we all go through ups and downs, love, loss, regrets.

We are all rooting for you when it comes to your divorce settlement and resulting financial issues. Will we see more of you working through that on Season 6?

You will definitely see me dealing with the lack of divorce settlement and resulting financial issues this season. This is very common in our society. I never thought I would find it so inspirational to others. I received so many emails from other women saying I have helped them get through their own struggles. You will see on the show how I find my way and continue to work and support my daughter while maintaining a healthy attitude. I have my moments of sadness, anger so it’s not a bed of roses! I am human after all!

I’m gracious for the support I have around me. Mostly to have those who listen when I need them. I had to learn to accept help, being a private person who is proud and now in a fishbowl. It wasn’t easy. On that note I’m also very grateful to our viewers who stand by us and have waited so long to see us again in 2014 and take us as we are!

Thanks again for taking the time to answer our burning questions, Sonja, especially during this hectic time of year! Happy Holidays!

Best of the Holidays to you and your readers. Happiness health and LOVE to all!

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  • georgiegirl18

    Probably my favorite housewife!

  • Terry

    I really try to like her but she’s trying to hard to sound all sweet and innocent. She’s shown a few sides on TV and I think what bothers me so much is her higher than though pecking order attitude. Tired of hearing her poor me over her divorce. She doesn’t know what poor is! I’m sure dad helps take care of the daughter or he’s probably be sitting in jail.

  • resolute2012

    Since Camille left the housewives, Sonja is the hottest one out of all of the shows. I love her nutty sense of humor and let it all hang out attitude.