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EXCLUSIVE: Interview With ‘Newlywed’ Tina Sugandh

tarzina mazelMany Bravo Watchers got to know Tina Sugandh for the first time when she appeared as one half of the couple we’ve come to know and love as “Tarzina”, on Bravo’s hit series Newlyweds: The First Year. In reality, though, Tina has been in the public eye for most of her life. She’s been performing on stage with her family since the age of 5 and, since then, has become an internationally renowned musician, singer, songwriter, host…the list goes on.

Lucky for us, Tina and hubby Tarz decided to add “Bravolebrity” to that list and aired their wedding and first year of marriage for all the Bravo-Watching world to see. And, let me tell you, they brought their entertainment A-game! Between plenty of family drama, glitter EVERYTHING, their fearless openness and honesty, and maybe a Bridezilla moment or two, Tina and Tarz were definitely the couple to watch on Newlyweds, Season 1.

It was recently announced that Newlyweds: The First Year was picked up for a second season. The catch? New couples. I must admit that, while I was pulling for Newlyweds Season 2, I was kinda hoping we’d get to see the same couples, Year Two. Alas, it was not to be. But wait! Shortly after the Season 2 announcement, Bravo aired The People’s Couch (basically a show about watching people watch TV–it’s better than it sounds, trust!) There were Tina and Tarz and…drumroll…BABY TARZ!! I guess Bravo agreed that they were pure reality entertainment gold!

This got me to wondering if, maybe, just maybe, a Tarzina spinoff was in the works? It turns out I was not alone–Tina and Tarz have a large, loyal Twitter following who are Tweeting @Andy and @BravoTV like crazy AND have started a petition to get Tarzina their own show! I reached out to Tina to get her take on all the buzz and she graciously took some time out of her incredibly busy life as a new mom to answer a few questions for her Bravo fans.

Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions, Tina! First of all, besides welcoming baby Tarzie in June (congrats!!), would you fill us in on what you and Tarz have been up to since Newlyweds wrapped?

We’re working on a few new business and entertainment opportunities. But most importantly, I have a giant glitter project coming up! (What’s more important than glitter, right?!) 😉 We just bought yet another house (lol) in California. Unfortunately, it’s big and the ceilings are really high, which means there are lots of very tall walls to glitter. I have my work cut out for me for sure… 😉

As for Tarz, his company is doing amazingly well! ->

As for Baby-Tarz, he spends his days drooling all over everything, and shoving any and every object he sees directly into his mouth no matter how dirty the object it…he’s been very busy.. 😉

I was pleasantly surprised to see you, Tarz & baby Tarzie back on Bravo on The People’s Couch! After hearing about Newlyweds: The First year Season 2, I had just been wondering what the original cast was up to. How did you guys end up on The People’s Couch?

I guess Bravo thought “Hey! Tarz and Tina seem like the type to sit on their asses, eat pizza, and watch TV all day! So why not ask them?” Lol! Honestly, I guess Bravo just thought we’d be great on the show, and we’re honored they asked us!

Clearly you and Tarz were the breakout stars of Newlyweds Season 1! Your fans on Twitter are going nuts over the possibility of getting you guys back on Bravo in a spinoff or, did I even hear maybe RHOC? That would be epic! Can you give us any hints about whether you’ve been in talks with Bravo about any future appearances?

OMG, I LOVE my Twitter friends and #Tarzina supporters, and I love them for starting petitions and tweeting constantly to get us back on TV! All I will tell you guys is that you haven’t seen the last of us yet! We’re out there in “TV land” taking meetings and starting up some shit, right alongside our Twitter friends! Thank you for sticking with us all you #Tarzina supporters!!! Stay tuned! (No pun intended).

Back to baby Tarzie. He is just too cute!! I’ve been following your Bravo blog about motherhood–good stuff! Besides that “babies are torture”, what’s the most surprising thing about motherhood? The most rewarding?

Well, if you read my “babies are torture” blog, it’s really a positive message in disguise! Lol! The most surprising thing is that motherhood is easier than everyone talks about. We don’t have a nanny, and so far it’s been great! Baby-Tarz sleeps well, he’s calm and happy, and he doesn’t complain. (I always say he is so NOT my kid…he definitely gets that “cool and calm” thing from his daddy and NOT me! In fact, he’s so well-behaved, that if I didn’t grow him in my own belly, I would seriously question if he was my biological kid or not!)

What advice would you give to the cast of Newlyweds, Season 2?

Enjoy it! It’s a ride!!! Also, don’t be afraid to put it all out there. Even if you look like an ass, who really cares? Actually, you could be helping people by being a totally open book. For example, I was told that sharing my miscarriages (I actually had more than one but Bravo only had time to film one of them) actually
ended up helping other women who had miscarriages to not feel so alone! *Also, this is for everyone, whether you’re staring in a reality show or now. It does NOT matter what others who do not know you actually think of you. Just live your life, and be the best version of “you” that you can be, and then don’t worry about haters! Haters are just people that are unhappy or insecure in their owns lives, so just feel sorry for them and move on!

Any last info you’d like to share with your Bravo fans, Tina?

Yes! THANK YOU for being there for us!! If you ever want to talk to us, we all have Twitters! (Even Baby Tarz…kids are so damn smart these days, huh?)

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Want more Tina? Check out her new music video featuring Fat Joe and starring TARZ!!  It is SO GOOD (pun intended!)

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