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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Alexia Echevarria

The Real Housewives of Miami - Season 3You know her as the Cuban Barbie from The Real Housewives of Miami but she couldn’t be more real! Alexia Echevarria is a devoted mother, business woman, loving wife, loyal friend, fashionista and, of course, Real Housewife. She describes herself as the most real of the Miami women and I was fortunate enough to have the chance to chat with her about RHOM Season 3, the reunion, and what the future holds!

BravoWatch: First of all, I know it’s been a few months since filming on Season 3 wrapped so I was just interested to know what you’re up to these days? 

Alexia: Well, the same thing pretty much except without the cameras! [Laughs]  Which is my crazy, busy life at the magazine. I’m still at work at Venue, and keeping busy with my kids, Frankie and Peter and that’s pretty much it! You know, my same life that you guys saw on TV. My reality is my reality! I’m still friends with the girls, so I’ve spoken to Lisa and Adriana. I traveled with Adriana to Pittsburgh on Friday to do a special appearance with her. Marysol I talk everyday and I’ve spoken to Lea and Joanna. So, you know, pretty much my same personal life!

BravoWatch: How are Frankie and Peter doing now? 

Alexia: Oh, they’re doing much better! Frankie, as a matter of fact, got the Principal’s Honor Roll! So, I was really, really proud of him. He is in a special program at High School and he has a one-on-one teacher that adapts the work to him and his needs. He got straight A’s so I was super, super proud! He’s doing really well, he’s speaking a lot more in full sentences. Every day he’s just better and better. And, Peter the same thing! Peter is doing the music production that he likes, he’s waiting on a job at a radio station and he goes to work with me! Not as much as I would like him to go [laughs] but he’ll make it into the office like three times a week. My husband, Herman, is trying to see if he could find him something on his side [of the business]. Herman is the business man and I’m the creative.

BravoWatch: Any chance that we’ll see either of them or Herman at the reunion? 

Alexia: No, no, at the reunion it’s only the girls! You’ll see tonight but it’s only the ladies! I wouldn’t have minded but they didn’t ask me to take Peter. You saw this season that my husband didn’t participate at all [excetpt for] when he would accompany me. But, otherwise, he decided not to participate.

BravoWatch: Despite everything that has been going on with your family, you seemed able to steer clear of the drama between the other women and stayed on good terms with everyone throughout the season. So, I was interested to know how you felt about some of the other women using the stress that was going on in their lives (things like wedding planning or tension at home) as an excuse for some of their bad behavior? 

Alexia: That’s a good point! Maybe to them that’s their biggest stress and their biggest drama, preparing a wedding, which to me I could do with my eyes closed! I’ve always said the most challenging thing has been being a mother to two adolescents. When they were young I never had any problems with them. I don’t want to say [they were] perfect because nobody is perfect but it was a lot easier! Small kids, small problems. Big kids, big problems! Unfortunately, over the last two years, my family fell apart as a consequence of Frankie’s accident. I mean, there were already issues there but you don’t always see them as much until something so tragic happens and then you are left with no other choice. So, about the ladies, I don’t want to say that their problems are less important than mine because I think in their own little worlds, since that’s all they have going on, good for them! I don’t wish people problems. If that’s all they have to worry about, good, enjoy it. But of course, that’s why I stay out of that drama, because to me it’s so petty and so ridiculous. When I do meet with the ladies I want to have fun and I want it to be about talking and having a good time and not fighting. So, I think that’s why they didn’t bother with me either. They realize and understand what I am going through in my life and they respect that. I do as well with them. I’m so busy all the time with my own life and I think they just have a lot of time on their hands!

BravoWatch: The only time we do see you get into the fray a little bit was at Joanna’s bachelorette party with Lisa…

Alexia: [Laughs] Ya! And I actually say to Lisa to not get into a bigger fight with Joanna. Because I didn’t think it was right. It’s Joanna’s bachelorette party, Joanna was having fun, she had behaved all night! It was 24 hours of Lisa acting silly! That’s her idea of having fun. I love to have fun also but I don’t need to act that way and I don’t need to drink so much to have fun! Her idea of having fun and mine are different but that doesn’t mean she has more fun than I do!

BravoWatch: Everyone seemed to brush it off the next day. But, after watching it back and filming the reunion, how do you feel about Lisa now? 

Alexia: You know what, my problems with Lisa are minor problems. Wait ’til you see the reunion tonight and you’ll see why! So my problems with Lisa are little things that we can talk about, argue about or discuss and then move forward. It’s just been a moment. First of all, she was intoxicated, she was drunk! She wanted to say that I was [too], and I wasn’t. If I would have been, I would have proudly owned it! That’s the difference between me and the other ladies. I own myself and I say it. I was just trying to tell her ‘you need to shut up already!’ because you drank too much and you’re starting to get rude and obnoxious and I was kindof saving her. And the next morning she did say that. Because if not, who knows what would have happened with Joanna and Lisa! Sort of like what you are going to see tonight on the reunion. But tonight, at the reunion, I didn’t butt in! So, you’re gonna have to watch! I know when to butt in. That’s the difference between the girls and I. I know when to butt in and I know when not to butt in!

BravoWatch: What’s one thing from the reunion tonight that might surprise viewers? 

Alexia: Oh, there’s so many surprises! [Laughs] Ya, our reunion…Miami never lets the viewers down! Miami always brings it on in the reunion and there are just so many surprises you just have to watch to see! They’re not going to be surprised by the fact that I kind of sit back and observe because I always do that (I don’t know how I’ve been able to do it for three seasons!) but that’s just the way that I have. And, like I said, there’s going to be a lot of surprises…especially between Joanna and Lisa. The viewers are going to see a lot of things that they’ve never seen before at any other reunion. I’m excited myself to watch!

The Real Housewives of Miami - Season 3

BravoWatch: Is there any aspect of your life that you’d like viewers to see more of next season?

Alexia: Great question! I’ve always felt, not only for myself, but that the viewers would want to see more of my work atmosphere, my work environment, and what I really do day to day. Not only a photo shoot, there’s so many things! The magazine world is such a fascinating world that women, which are the majority that watch the show, love to see! So, I would love for the cameras to be more with me and my work. Frankie is at my work after school, Peter is there, and Herman once in a while! There’s just that crazy thing, that vibe! It’s a Latin magazine, it’s a Spanish publication so [to see] the way we speak, we go from English to Spanish. I just think that’s pretty cool. My work, I think, is really interesting so I would love the viewers to see more of that. And, I always say, I think I’m one of the only girls that says I would not mind the cameras being with me 24/7! Because I’m off and on camera exactly the same way.

BravoWatch: Would you be surprised if Season 4 had the exact same cast as Season 3? 

Alexia: I think we could tweak it a little bit. I mean, we’ve had so many changes [already]. We are the newest franchise and, yet, we’ve had the most changes. I think that we still don’t have 100% the right cast. And I’m not saying I’m one of the ‘right’ cast members either, that’s up to the viewers. I can tell you that I am the most real and that my story is my story. It was my reality, unfortunately. I share it with all the viewers because I thought that it would be an inspiration and I know so many mothers and families that have gone through the same thing as me except I’m sharing it nationally. That’s been the best part. My relationship with my boys has gotten so much stronger and so much better. I’ve met such amazing moms and families that have reached out to me to share their stories about their kids who have been involved in accidents. They’re my inspiration. I inspire the viewers and the viewers that tweet me, that write me emails, that call me, they’re my inspiration as well. They’re the reason I’ve done it and I will continue to do it because of them.

BravoWatch: Can you see yourself doing this for, say, the next 5 years?

Alexia: No, because I don’t want to be old!! [Laughs] I don’t want to be 51 years old! If so I’m going to have to do something to my face before then! Just kidding! You know what, I never think about the future. I’m that kind of a person. I just live today. Especially because I know how short and fragile life is and how your life can change in a second. So, I don’t even think about the future to tell you the truth. So I don’t know. The only way I would still be doing it is if I had a purpose. If I had a positive purpose […] for the viewers to see me and my family. Just for TV, or whatever, no. I would do it for a purpose.

BravoWatch: So, it sounds like you’re taking it one season at a time.

Alexia: Oh, definitely, definitely! I didn’t think I would even be here this season! You never know. We don’t know if the show is getting picked up another season, if I’m gonna be asked back, you know, there’s so many things. I always leave it in God’s hands. I always know that there’s a reason for everything and if there’s a good reason for me to be on the show, I will be! If not, life goes on! I was someone before the show and I will continue to be someone after the show. I want to be doing it but be happy and feel good about myself. And feel like I  have after this season, after the 14 episodes and 2 reunions that I am still proud and I can still go out of my house with my head very high and know that I didn’t hurt myself and I didn’t hurt anybody.

BravoWatch: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me! Is there anything else that I didn’t ask that you’d like viewers to know?

Alexia: I just want to thank them for all their love, support and prayers. It’s been overwhelming and I’ve been very touched and they’ve been the best part about doing the show, meeting the incredible people that I’ve met.


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  • Terri

    I actually really like Alexia! I think that she is the only REAL person on her cast!

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      Alexia is definitely my fave from the RHOM cast 🙂 She does seem very real both on the show and when I had the chance to chat with her. Thanks for reading!