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Erika Girardi: My Husband and I Don’t Need A Prenup!

If there’s one thing that Johnny Depp is really wishing right now since his breakup with his wife, Amber Heard, it’s the fact that he probably should have had a prenuptial agreement in place before tying the knot.

Well, Erika Girardi’s husband and Depp have something in common, because he didn’t sign a prenup before tying the knot with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika Girardi, also known as Erika Jayne.

Girardi was recently featured on Jenny McCarthy’s radio show on SiriusXM radio, in which she said:

And we’ll be together 18 years this November. Married 17 in January. So no, I don’t have a prenup. We have a great relationship and it’s lasted.


A lot of Bravo fans question Girardi’s motives, as she’s 44-years-old, and her husband, Tom, is 77. She went on to reaffirm her feelings towards her husband:

He’s got the best smile and the biggest blue eyes. He cuddly. You want to hug him. You want to hold onto him.

So, since these two are such love birds, they surely have kids together, right?


So, why not? Well, this is what she had to say:

I had a child. I had a son. That was my loyalty. Period, end of story. No, no, no, I had a boy to raise, period. And I did an incredible job. He’s an incredible kid.

Either way, it sounds like Erika is just enjoying life, and gearing up for the new season of #RHOBH. Her husband just better hope that he doesn’t end up getting divorced, as his $11 million net worth would definitely be in some serious trouble, and we all know that there seems to be a Bravo curse that causes previously happily married couples to get divorced.

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