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#DontBeTardy – Kim Zolciak Posts Nude Picture Of Brielle Biermann On Snapchat!

The things that the Don’t Be Tardy star, Kim Zolciak, and her daughter, Brielle Biermann do, are absolutely mind-blowing at times.

This time, Kim was in the bathroom, apparently trying to pee, when Brielle walked in, and decided to give her a flash.

Now, most people would probably just laugh it off, or maybe even throw a roll of toilet paper at the girl, but not Kim!

Instead, Kim decided to pull out her phone (as if she didn’t already have it out, and in-hand) and decided to snap a topless picture of Brielle.

No, we can’t make this stuff up, Bravoholics. This seriously happened.

If you don’t believe us, you can check out the picture below:

Now, this brings some questions to my mind immediately:

#1: Why would Kim decide to take a picture of this, and share it for the whole world to see?

#2: Could you imagine being Brielle and having your mom sharing pictures like this of you on social media? This is worse than when you bring your boyfriend or girlfriend over to the house and your mom pulls out the photo album.

#3: Granted, we know Kim is obsessed with herself social media, so she was probably checking her phone while peeing. Still yet, a flash, is, well, a flash! So, you’d think Brielle would just pull up her shirt, and pull it back down. Instead, she gave Kim enough time to load up Snapchat, and snap a picture. So, I’m seriously wondering if Brielle held this pose long enough for Kim to snap the picture.

I seriously wonder about these two sometimes.

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