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Did Lisa Vanderpump Just Quit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Ever since The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 6 came to a close, there’s been one question on everyone’s mind:

Will Lisa Vanderpump return for season 7?

After all, season 6 was horrible for her, and the reunion was downright intense, especially when her arch nemesis Brandi Glanville showed up during the 3rd part of the reunion special with a pre-recorded video message for all of the ladies. This way, she could talk smack to everyone, and no one could interrupt her, or talk smack back!

Even after the season came to a close, Lisa still found herself under attack by fellow #RHOBH cast mate, Lisa Rinna. First, Rinna mocked Vanerpump on Twitter, and then she made a special video for all of her Housewives cast mates. So, it’s easy to see all the reasons as to why Lisa would consider leaving the show.

In a recent interview on Convervations with Maria Menounos on Sirus XM radio, Vanderpump had this to say:

“I think a lot of people came to that conclusion because this season was so kind of brutal really, and there was a lot of a gang-up and it was very difficult for me, and there were two or three people that made my life misery on that show. It was a lot of tears. I mean, it was mean-spirited and I think the audience saw it that way, and I thank the audience for standing by me because it was not nice.”

Lisa then went on to say that she’s been approached by Bravo, but she hasn’t made a decision yet as to whether or not she’ll return.

However, she’ll have to make a decision rather quickly, because filming for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 7 starts in only five to six weeks.

Also, she did say that Vanderpump Rules is her baby, and filming for Season 5 starts today!

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  • Michael

    She really is starting to sound pathetic with all her woe-is-me. It’s the same thing as a couple of years ago when she claimed everyone was ganging up on her, I wonder why that is. There is an awful lot of smoke for her to constantly be claiming there is no fire.

    • Roses

      I think what’s pathetic is demanding apology after apology and when it isn’t to your liking getting nasty. And Rinna? She wasn’t told to say the M word according to her own lips but still repeatedly attacked LVP. The whole thing was idiotic. I’d love just ONCE to see one of the women apologize to her.

      • Michael

        One sincere apology would have been enough. Clearly she doesn’t know how to apologize or she wouldn’t have had to ask Kyle how to do it. Then when she did follow Kyle’s instructions, she had to make sure she let the viewers know it wasn’t sincere when she ran and tole Kyle and Kathryn she only told Eileen what she wanted to hear. She clearly has the same ego as Trump, neither of them ever do anything wrong so there is never a need to apologize.

        • Roe

          We all heard her apologize to Faye so I think you don’t know what you are talking about… I hope Lisa Vanderpump leaves RHOBH…She is too good for the show.

          • Michael

            We agree, I hope she leaves the series too. As for those who say they wont watch without LVP. Unless you have a Nielson ratings box hooked up to your entertainment center…WHO CARES!!, you have nothing to do with the shows ratings.

          • It’sabeautifulday

            There have been several polls done, online and by magazines. The LEAST AMOUNT OF VIEWERS WHO WON’T WATCH, if LVP leaves is 60%, several polls are higher.

          • debbie

            It not about me thinking I’ll make a difference if I stop watching.. Its about me not caring about those women anymore. I can’t stand the sounds of their voices even…. And I don’t like Andy anymore either, the way he has favorties makes me sick. He’s all about the gay scene and right now Erika is the star of Andy’s show. Its enough to gag a maggot…

          • It’sabeautifulday

            Roe, If Lisa leaves, polls have shown that they will loose over 60% of their viewers. Me being one of them. RHOBH will be done. I will enjoy PUMP, though.

          • debbie

            same here.. I have no interest in watching Erika prance all over Housewives while Andy drools and panders to her because she’s filthy rich.. Could care less about Yolanda anymore. And Rinna and Eileen are discusting.. Why would I watch that show without LVP??

        • Roses

          Not so. She did apologize. It just wasn’t to Eileen’s liking.

    • Carla

      Did you know that Brandi just recently recanted her tabloid accusation, saying that she did it to stir up sh*t?

      • It’sabeautifulday

        I believe Yolemon/lyme is the mastermind!

    • debbie

      They didn’t need an apology for something she doesn’t feel she did wrong. The word *Intentions* should have everything to do with it, but they don’t think of that..Lisa V thought that since Brandi and Eileen talked about the affair last season, then it would be ok to discuss it this season. WRONG.. Its ok that brandi called Eileen a home wrecker and threw wine in her face..All was forgiven.. And just remember this, the majority isn’t always right. Hitler had the majority on his side sharing his views. Was he right? Those women were just using this in trying to get Lisa V into submission, same as last season.

  • Debbie Snelling

    It’s just plain old-fashioned jealousy. They want the love and following that LVP has after 6 years without the time and effort. Can not stand Rinna and Eileen any more.