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Did James Kennedy Get Fired From SUR?

It looks like “the white Kanye,” may have to find himself a new gig as a DJ if what we suspect is actually true.

Vanderpump Rules star, Jax Taylor, whom by the way, absolutely freaking hates James Kennedy and wants to murder him at any given moment, took to his Twitter account with something very interesting yesterday:


All grammatical errors aside, this is a pretty darn interesting tweet. As we all know, James loves his DJ gigs at SUR, but it looks like he may have to find himself another gig somewhere else if he’s been fired from SUR, which leads us to our next interesting bit of info:

In his tweet, James tagged @sbeCollection, which is a hospitality company that operates, develops and manages hotels, restaurants, and night clubs. In other words, it looks like he’s now an employee of sbe.

Now, this is very interesting, and brings up a couple questions:

1: Did James get fired?

  • If this is the case, he was able to find himself a job fairly quickly.

2: Did James quit?

  • This is a possibility, as maybe he was offered this sbe gig and had to bow out from his position at SUR?

Either way, Jax looked like he was picking at James with his tweet, so we can’t help but think that James was most likely canned.

With the new season of Vanderpump Rules being filmed right now, we can only hope that this is a moment that was caught on camera. Heck, I even hope they caught the kitchen staff at SUR and their reaction… You know, like they did with Kristen Doute when she was fired.

kristen doute got fired bro

So, what do you think about the whole situation? Can you see Lisa kicking James to the curb, or do you think James up and quit his gig at SUR and Pump? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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