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David Beador Shocking Bombshell Exposed: History of Violence Towards Women!

Things went awry during Shannon Beador’s 70’s party on Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and that’s putting it very lightly.

However, people were absolutely appalled at how David Beador was talking to Vicki Gunvalson at the party.

Things got especially intense when Vicki got in David’s face, and that’s when they unloaded on each other. David called her a scumbag, telling her that she defended a man whom was faking cancer.

Just in case you missed out, or you need a refresher, here’s a clip of the incident:

Whether you’re on Kelly or Shannon’s side, a lot of people agreed that David was just simply out of line over the whole thing.

However, there’s a bombshell that a lot of viewers are unaware of, and that’s the fact that David has a history of being abusive towards his own wife: Shannon.

It was back in February of 2003 when the cops were called to Shannon and David’s house, because they were arguing and things just got way out of hand.

When David appeared in front of the judge, he had admitted that he “willfully and unlawfully used force and violence,” against Shannon.

At that point, he got out on $10k bond, and he was then put on three years of probation. He also had to complete a batterer’s treatment program.

Shannon does admit that David is seriously ticked off at Vicki, and this was just his tipping point:

David is really upset about the whole Vicki situation — actually much more so than I am. He cannot stand her.

david beador and shannon beador

Vicki then told David that he’s a cheater, and that he was talking to her the same way that he talks to Shannon:

That’s the way you talk to Shannon. The way you talk to me, is the way you talk to Shannon.

Could you even imaging being talked to that way on a regular basis by someone?

It doesn’t matter who’s side you’re on during the whole thing, there’s just no need to let things get that far in the first place.

And granted, David does have a history of violence towards women in his past, and I can’t speak on that situation, because I wan’t there, but I can tell you that David was being nice to Vicki compared to what I’ve heard the ladies say to each other in the past.

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