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Danielle Staub: Bravo Needs Me Or The Real Housewives of New Jersey Will Be Canceled!

It’s no secret that even with the power house of advertising Bravo poured into The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 7 premiere, it was a flop in terms of ratings.

As you can see in this post, the numbers don’t lie, and they’re the lowest numbers an #RHONJ premiere has had since the very first season of the show.

  • Season 1 premiere – 1.7 million viewers
  • Season 2 premiere – 2.3 million viewers
  • Season 3 premiere – 2.8 million viewers
  • Season 4 premiere – 2.9 million viewers
  • Season 5 premiere – 2.8 million viewers
  • Season 6 premiere – 2.1 million viewers
  • Season 7 premiere – 1.7 million viewers

These numbers are insanely low, considering everything Bravo did in an attempt to make the show a success.

danielle staub in her car

Andy was in full force on social media, they took a two-year hiatus while Teresa served her prison sentence, so it would build suspense for her big return, there were tons of commercials, Bravo blogs were talking about the big premiere…

And still, it looks like the cash cow dried up.

What’s to blame for the poor #RHONJ season 7 premiere numbers?

Honestly, there’s some things that you have to take into account with these numbers, and that’s the fact that DVR systems are now more prevalent than they were back in 2009, which is when the first season premiered on Bravo.

Also, viewership typically increases as time goes on, and the season’s storylines have been built up and all of that good jazz.

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member, Danielle Staub, seems to think she has the answer, though:

It’s because she’s not on the show!

Danielle posted the following picture on social media:

real housewives of new jersey season 7 viewer ratings

She added the following caption to the photo:

My seasons on #Rhonj still hold @bravotv highest ratings in #BRAVO HISTORY let’s compare it to this season the lowest in history @radargram reports … @bravoandy let’s bring me back to the #reunion otherwise none of the #Rhonj cast may see a season 8

In other words, Danielle doesn’t think there’s going to be a Real Housewives of New Jersey season 8… Unless she’s brought back to the cast. She even went as far as to tag both Bravo’s official account, as well as Andy Cohen.

That’s a pretty big claim.

What do all of you Bravoholics think? Should Danielle be brought back for season 8? Cast your vote below and let us know!

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  • Michael

    I’ll bet if you checked, all the Housewives shows are down from their highs. People are just getting tired of these types of shows would be my guess.