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Courtney Loves Dallas Season 2?

4/8 UPDATE: Courtney Loves Dallas did not appear in the renewal lineup Bravo released today. This series is presumed cancelled. 

Courtney may Love Dallas but the jury is still out about whether Bravo loves Courtney. As Courtney Kerr’s spinoff (she previously appeared in the one-off series Most Eligible Dallas) comes to a close tonight, I’m betting she’s got her fingers crossed for a miracle.

courtney loves dallas 2

My opinion is that Courtney Loves Dallas Season 2 is highly unlikely, for a couple of reasons.

1) Courtney seemed to get less likeable as the season progressed…rather than more. Here’s the thing: you don’t have to be the worlds nicest, most endearing personality to make it in reality TV, specifically Bravo. Love-to-hate type characters are often super successful. Think Jeff Lewis or Tabitha Coffey. The problem is, Courtney’s un-likeability isn’t intentional. I don’t think she realizes she is coming off like a self-important, shallow do-nothing. Whoa…that was pretty mean, right? Here, let me give you an example: remember when Courtney visited her mom who was about to have surgery for carcinoma? What does Courtney do when she arrives? First, she has a mini-fashion show out of her grandmother’s closet. Next, she goes to get her hair done. And she makes Tori get “big hair” too. I guess it’s supposed to be funny and uplifting for her mom…but, really? I suppose everyone has their own way of being supportive… It’s this kind of completely oblivious self-centeredness that doesn’t read well to viewers.

So, why did Courtney get her own show to begin with? 

I feel like Courtney Kerr was a memorable star of Most Eligible Dallas mostly thanks to her will-they-or-wont-they relationship with Matt Nordgren. That was just cant-look-away good TV. Unfortunately, despite trying to tie that storyline into Courtney Loves Dallas, it just didn’t really go anywhere. Matt came off as a total jerk and Courtney, while perhaps somewhat sympathetic, also came off as a little bit plain old pathetic. You see, before we can have even a moment to feel sorry for Courtney, she reminds us again that she is totally self-centered. She straight up told us that she didn’t care if her friends (who, by the way, told her not to meet up with him at all) wanted to hear about Matt…she was going to talk about him all night. Courtney sums it up this way at the end of episode 6: “This is what’s great about my girlfriends. I can be self-centered. I can be vain. I can be bitchy. I can be, like, obsessed with my work, obsessed with myself, obsessed with Matt, obsessed with Marfa. And then we can all just, like, come together, go see Prada museum, and then, like, we’re fine.” Yuck.

By last week’s episode, even her very best friend couldn’t stand it any longer. I guess we’ll see how that relationship ends up tonight and maybe Courtney will reign it in a little bit and give Tori (and viewers) some kind of mea culpa, but it’s probably a case of too little too late.

courtney loves dallas2) This second reason probably has something to do with the first, but could also have to do with the time slot Courtny Loves Dallas was given. And, it’s definitely the most important factor when it comes to figuring out if a series will be picked up for a second season. Ratings. While her ratings have shown some growth over the past 7 episodes, last week’s 633,000 total viewers probably still isn’t renewal worthy. Judging by which new shows Bravo has chosen to pick up for a second season in the past, I’m betting she’d need to somehow get the season average up to closer to the 800,000 viewer range…at least. Doubtful.

1/24 UPDATE: The Courtney Loves Dallas finale episode, which aired 1/23, posted a ratings decline from the previous week, down to 610,000 total viewers. This brought the season average to 625,125 viewers per episode. I rest my case. 

Look, I’m sure Courtney Kerr is a nice enough person but I just don’t think her show made for compelling enough TV. I watched all the way through and will definitely be tuning in tonight, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for anything major in the storyline or ratings report that might change my mind. And, heck, if I’m wrong and Courtney Loves Dallas does get a second season, I’d still watch. I’d love to get Courtney’s take on what it was like filming her spinoff and find out if she agrees with how she was portrayed on the show. So, Courtney, let me know if I’ve got you all wrong and you want to set the record straight. Otherwise, I’m afraid we may be seeing the last of Courtney Kerr (on Bravo at least) tonight.

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  • Angie

    I hope there is a second season. I simply loved her fashion and hair…specially her hair!!

    • Marcus

      Me to, i love her!

  • Marcus

    please, make another season!

  • Arielle Sikora

    i agree 100% with this blog. the show got progressively worse as it went i on. i wanted to like and support courtney but she isnt the girl she presented as in the first few episodes. i especially hated the episode she took her friend to get botox for her birthday. i mean, really?? is that all there is to this girl?

  • Lisa Mcrover

    im a guy and i loved her show so much

  • Jake

    It has a listing on the bravo affluencer site…

  • Linda Silvas-Medrano

    I loved that show! Shes fabulous…Bravo bring her back!!!

  • So sad that what people look is the totally opposite of a normal behaved respectful and compassionate person should be.
    Courtney never change keep being who you are be the example as you have always been how Reality TV should be.
    Hope Season 2 returns if not is their loss!

  • Kacy Chandler

    Wish this show would come back!

  • marisela sanchez

    Bring it bk i love her fashion and her and her friend tori are an epic duo!!!!!!!