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Celebrate 4th of July With Shep Rose… In A Speedo

Our lovable Shep Rose from Southern Charm is notorious for rocking out something that a lot of men simply don’t have the… well, testicular fortitude to do:

He rocks a speedo!

That’s right, Shep’s not afraid of pulling out the speedo from time-to-time and hitting the beach.

That being said, with Independence Day right around the corner, Shep decided to grace us all with a picture that will definitely boost your sense of American Pride.

Ladies, gentlemen, and Bravoholics, I present to you… Shep Rose all decked out in patriotic gear while at Virginia Beach:

There you have it, people of America! Who needs fireworks when you have Shep Rose making you laugh until you pee yourself?

Seriously though, who doesn’t love Shep?  😆

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