Thursday , January 18 2018
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Quiz: Which Giudice Daughter Are You?

I’d be happy to be one of the Giudice daughters. They have more clothes, Instagram followers and friends than me. And, most importantly, they all came out of Teresa’s body, which makes them pretty darn special. So find out who your Giudice spirit animal is before Sunday’s newest episode. And cheers to more …

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Quiz: Do You Know Your Below Deck Terms?

Below Deck Mediterranean has been, well, a change from the Caribbean version. Throughout the season, we’ve just seen a whole lot of butting heads. (Does anyone have any buoys? One point of contention: Bryan Kattenburg knows everything about yachting, and Jen Riservato doesn’t. We need to know: Are you qualified to work under …

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Quiz: Can You Guess Which Housewife is Worth More?

Let’s be real: Almost all of these housewives are worth more than I’ll ever be worth, but it’s fun to play along. We grabbed some of our favorite housewives’ net worths from Celebrity Net Worth. Think carefully before choosing; this one’s tricky. Were any of these shocking? Let us know how you …

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Quiz: Which Housewife Hunk is Your Perfect Match?

It’s time to answer the most important questions to date. Sure, we love the Real Housewives, but you know you get excited when your favorite hunk hits the screen — as long as its not a screaming match or the “d” word is mentioned. Find out who your perfect match is, …

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Who Said It: Freddy Krueger or a Housewife?

How’s it going out there today, Bravoholics? Doing good, great, grand, wonderful? Well, we certainly hope so! Are you ready to have a little bit of fun today? How about we do a round of trivia, and you tell us who said it: Freddy Krueger, or one of the Real …

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Name Those Bravo Boobs!

Updated: So, were you able to figure out who the Bravolebrity was? Well, here’s your answer: It was Carlton Gebbia from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! The picture was taken from when she was hanging out with Brandi Glanville in the pool. You know, when they had their little …

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