Tuesday , February 20 2018
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Top Chef Boston Cast, Air Date & First Look!

It’s hard to believe Top Chef is already in its 12th Season! And, that’s not counting all the spinoffs like Top Chef Masters, Top Chef Just Desserts, and most recently, Top Chef Duels. Each year, Bravo does its very best to outdo the last in terms of exciting new challenges, …

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Top Chef Duels Premiere Date & Chefs Announced

Bravo’s latest culinary competition series is set to debut with an all-star group of cheftestants who are sure to turn up the heat this summer! Top Chef fans will appreciate the new show’s exciting format pitting past champions and fan favorites against each other in a culinary showdown of epic proportions. The …

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Top Chef Season 12 Heads to Boston!

As is always the case with any new season of Top Chef, the location city is a highly anticipated reveal. Today, we got the big news from Bravo that for it’s 12th season, Top Chef will be headed to…Boston!! Chef’testants will battle it out knife-to-knife in the “Birthplace of the …

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Top Chef Finale Location Revealed: Maui Wowie!

It’s been a sweet and spicy 11th Season for the Top Cheftestants in New Orleans! As Top Chef fans know, each season the judges and last few remaining chefs jet off to an exotic location for the finale episodes. This year, it’s just been revealed, they’ll be off to Maui, …

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Top Chef New Orleans Premiere Recap

Welcome to The Big Easy, Top Chef fans! New Orleans has reportedly been among the judges favorite locale so far. Being a Seattleite myself, I must admit I was mildly offended at the judges thinly veiled distaste for my hometown when they were here last season, but at least it’ll …

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Top Chef Season 11 Cast Bios

Have you been keeping up with Top Chef Season 11? Tom, Padma, Gail & crew are in New Orleans this season and, so far, The Big Easy has been anything BUT easy for this round of cheftestants! Who are your favorites and who would you not mind being told to …

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