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Cast of “How I Met Your Mother” Go Inside The Actor’s Studio

Inside the Actors Studio - Season 19

Thursday, March 27 at 8pm ET/PT, the cast of CBS and 20th Century Fox Television’s Emmy-Award winning sitcom, “How I Met Your Mother” are going Inside The Actor’s Studio. Josh Radnor, Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, and Cobie Smulders will sit down with host James Lipton to rehash the nine-year history of their beloved comedy. The highly-anticipated hour-long “How I Met Your Mother” series finale will air just days later on Monday, March 31 at 8pm ET/PT. Loosely based off the lives of the show’s creators, Craig Thomas and Carter Bayes, the nine-time Emmy award winning series enters the lives of five best friends living in New York City as they explore the different places they are at in life and love.

The episode promises major laughs and heartwarming moments, as the tight knit cast interacts with one another. Actors Studio students and Bravo audiences will learn which scene each cast member chose as their favorite, who answers an important phone call during Lipton’s interview, and which two cast members lock lips (hint: scroll down for a spoiler!) on the “Inside the Actors Studio” stage. Tune-in to see why by the end of the hour, “Jimmy Lip” needs to keep both of his hands where the cast can see them.

Here’s a sneak peak where the cast seamlessly (and hilariously) transitions from speaking as themselves to portraying their characters on the show:

And, finally, a few quatable highlights from the episode:

“I’m confused by all of this because I thought I was coming here because the “Actors Studio” was a euphemism and I was looking to get inside of it.

-Neil Patrick Harris speaking as Barney Stinson

“Marshall and Lily are based on Craig and Rebecca. I think when Carter and Craig went to Rebecca…Rebecca said the only way she would agree to it is if they cast me as her. So I owe her everything.”

– Alyson Hannigan on being cast as Lily Aldrin

“We’ve gone through a journey together…I mean it’s the longest relationship I’ve ever had, surely…I learned a lot about the kind of man I wanted to be being around Alyson.”

– Jason Segel on working closely with Alyson Hannigan

“Barney is so flirtatious as a character that it was sort of inevitable that we were going to at least sleep together. So I’m surprised and very excited that we’ve ended up here, and getting married.”

– Cobie Smulders on her character Robin’s upcoming nuptials to Barney

“I’ve always loved [that] it’s not a cynical show. It’s a show that lets people love each other, and express that love. The whole point of the show is about love and the search for love…and it’s also about family…a kind of modern family.”

-Josh Radnor on “How I Met Your Mother”

Inside the Actors Studio - Season 19

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