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Caroline Stanbury Quitting Ladies Of London To Move To Dubai!

How many times have we reported that Caroline Stanbury was going to quit Ladies of London, but she was actually “just kidding?”

Well, it looks like she’s not kidding anymore, as she’s been posting some pictures on her Instagram page of her new place in Dubai.

Apparently, Caroline is treating the whole experience like an adventure, as they pack their bags due to being relocated for her husband, Cem’s, job.

The Ladies of London star had a very eccentric 40th birthday party, which also doubled as her going away party.

All of this comes after wrapping filming for Ladies of London season 3.

Caroline and Cem are set to head out, and spend the weekend at their new place, and Caroline couldn’t be happier!

She admitted that her home may always be in London, but she needs some more vitamin D in her life:

I always wanted to move. I’ve always wanted to live in the sun. Obviously, my home will always be [the] UK and London but why not? I’d love to live in America someday (wink wink).

Couldn’t you just picture Caroline on ANY of the Real Housewives franchises? It would be a dream come true.

Just imagine Caroline joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It would be very interesting to see if her and fellow brit, Lisa Vanderpump, got along.

This is just a temporary adventure. We kept the house, which is where we’ll end up. We’ve only rented it out.

So, it sounds like Caroline could head back to London for another season of LoL, or she may finally make the move to America.

Either way, the kids are excited and ready to go:

The kids actually can’t wait, and I think they’re more excited than Cem and I, and everyone is up for an adventure.

Lucky for Caroline, she’ll have plenty of gal pals to keep her company at the new place:

We have a lot of friends there so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Even though she’s looking at the move as an adventure, it sounds like Caroline is wanting to settle down, and enjoy more time with her family:

I’m hoping for a quieter pace. And also we wanted to pick a place where we could travel less and be more with the family.

Well, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

She also shared this picture of her new home:

caroline stanbury moving to dubai

She added the following caption to the photo:

Sneak peak turning my #dubai home into a light bright airy haven! Look at the difference … Just the start thank you @earlcrowndesign ? #design #home #decor #stanburyliving

So, what’s next for Caroline? Will this be the last we see of her?

Absolutely not!

Caroline is going to be going “back and forth a lot,” between her homes in Dubai and London, so you can definitely expect to see her as a guest on the show.

Also, Caroline has said that a lot of people are going to come out and visit her home in Dubai, and the cameras may just follow them out:

To be honest, I think they’re all coming, and I’m not worried about staying in touch, it’s who I won’t be able to get rid of.

Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if during Ladies of London season 4 the cast trip took place at Caroline’s new Dubai home?

Heck, maybe Caroline will even get a whole spinoff show dedicated to her, which I’m sure no Bravo fan would object to.

Either way, I’m sure Caroline will be able to rest easy in her new home:

caroline stanbury dubai bedroom

So jealous right now.

She captioned the photo:

Peak at my new @earlcrowndesign bedroom waiting for me ????? #mydubai dream room

So, what do you think about Caroline leaving the Ladies of London behind, and moving to Dubai?

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