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Caroline Stanbury: F**K Ladies Of London! I’m DONE!

We announced yesterday that Caroline Stanbury is quitting Ladies of London, and people couldn’t believe her decision to leave the show.

However, Caroline wants to make it perfectly clear that she is D-O-N-E.

You know that point you hit with your job, where you just throw your hands up in the air, and you’ve made up your mind that it’s over?

Yep. That’s where Caroline is at right now, as she’s officially said f**k Ladies of London.

Check out her latest Instagram post:

caroline stanbury leaving ladies of london

As you can see, Caroline captioned the photo:

#ladiesoflondon Ahahaha couldn’t have said it better 😎 #thestruggleisreal

There you have it, Bravoholics.

Another Bravolebrity rides off into the sunset.

Are you going to miss Caroline?

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  • Michael

    Well there is that little problem of a contract I’m pretty sure she signed with Bravo.