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BREAKING: Thomas Ravenel Taking Legal Action Against Kathryn Dennis For Violating Custody Order!

Things are starting to get real between Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel.

Despite what we saw on the last episode of Southern Charm, when Kathryn wrote Thomas a heartfelt letter, saying how sorry she was for messing up their family, things are getting really ugly between the two.

Kathryn is filing court documents against Thomas, and doesn’t mind dragging his name through the mud, either. She’s accused him of convincing the children to call the nanny “mom,” she’s accused him of doing drugs, and also of trying to hook up with a teenager.

However, a source in Charleston is saying that Kathryn’s “media blitz is all about distracting from her own actions, and exposes an ongoing defiance towards the court.”

One of the things Kathryn has said is that she was virtually kicked out of Saint’s christening reception, and that she felt as if she was being “alienated,” from him.

Unfortunately for Kathryn, someone that was at the event has spoken out, and they’re telling a different version of the story:

Thomas’ nanny did want Kathryn gone from the christening ceremony, because she was loudly disrupting the special event. Kathryn was barefoot and screaming at the minister, bellowing accusations about the nanny and Thomas sleeping together.

Kathryn had already pulled another stunt during the Easter service, prior to the christening. Kathryn barged into the church nursery and grabbed Saint – in clear violation of the court order (legally, Thomas has full custody).

Thomas was granted full custody of the children after Kathryn failed a drug test after she’d left rehab.

Kathryn is only allowed to have FaceTime chats with her children here and there, which is Thomas’ way of allowing them to keep in contact with the children.

The local also said that Kathryn scared the children during the christening:

Kathryn was raging — acting out of her mind. Kensie was scared to death, and was hiding behind a door.

Both Kathryn and her mother were invited to the ceremony on Sunday, which is when shit went crazy.

There was also a gag order for the ongoing legal battle between Kathryn and Thomas, but Kathryn has essentially disregarded that order, and Thomas isn’t putting up with it:

Thomas met with his lawyer on May 19th, and signed a request for court action, after Kathryn disclosed her drug test results to the media. It was Kathryn who originally demanded that the case be sealed — after she tested for a myriad of substances last June.

Excuse the term, but it looks like Kathryn really screwed the pooch on this one.

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