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BREAKING: Tamra Judge Under FBI Investigation For Leaking A Topless Picture of Vicki Gunvalson To A Minor!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, we’ve had to remove the images that were featured on this page in relation to Vicki’s breasts.

The topless picture you see in the above featured image, which we will also post below, features Vicki Gunvalson of The Real Housewives of Orange County flashing her goods while the group was on their cast trip in Dublin, Ireland.


Sources within production have come forward and said that Tamra Judge took the picture, which she then forwarded to production members, as well as fellow cast members of #RHOC, and she included some hateful comments.

Now, this may seem like a bad situation, but things only got worse when the picture was posted to the Twitter account of a 15-year-old girl.

A woman by the name of Rosalie Coleman has come forward on behalf of the 15yo, and files a complaint to the FBI.

She also had this to say:

Tamara Judge … sent a nude photograph of an acquaintance of hers (taken at a small gathering) to a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD girl & asked her to distribute it online in an effort to humiliate & harass one Vicki Gunvalson.


A rep on behalf of Tamra has come forward and said that Tamra didn’t leak the picture, and there’s no way she’s responsible for it getting posted on a 15-year-old girl’s social media account.

The FBI is currently investigating the matter, but they have yet to open a “formal,” investigation.


If you’re wondering why Vicki flashed her boobs in the first place; it’s because her fellow cast mate, Heather Dubrow, was facetiming her plastic surgeon husband, Terry Dubrow, and Vicki wanted him to check out her nipple, because she felt like it was uneven.


If you want, you can read the official PDF of the complaint Rosalie filed to the FBI below:


Read The Full Report

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  • Buddy Buddy

    It wouldn’t surprise me if I found Tamra did something like that. Leopards don’t change their spots, even if they have found religion. Tamra, in the past, has behaved very juvenile toward Gretchen, Slade, Alexis and Kelly, just to scratch the surface, and to recycle a photo of a topless Vicki not only to a minor, but at all, is tasteless and classless, which defines Tamra to a tee. Bravo needs Tamra to exit stage left.

  • Jane West

    I’m not surprised if this is true. It seems the women are always keeping the contention going among the group. I swear, I have never seen so many grown-up children in my life. They fight like grade school kids. That huge fight on the bus in Ireland with Kelly was deplorable. Apart from Megan, they all were behaving like little children. No one was innocent. And if Tamra sent the picture of Vicki’s boobs to a minor, then she should be in trouble. Kelly shouldn’t have commented on Tamra’s child and Tamra shouldn’t have sent a minor a picture of Vicki exposed. What else will they do next? I would love a chance to go to Ireland and half the other wonderful trips these over indulgent women get to go to. And instead of sight seeing and taking in such an enchanting place, they stay in the bars getting drunk and fighting. Two words… Grow up!

  • maluorata@yahoo.com

    And Vicki HAD to show her boobs on TV? Hell most of them have them hanging out as it is, the nipple is about the only thing that isnt showing. I surely would never let my daughter watch this show and let her think for one moment that their conduct is acceptable anywhere!

  • maluorata@yahoo.com

    lol Good ole Tamara, she’s everyone’s friend til their back is turned but then again they are all like that. A bunch of twisted drunks as far as Im concerned.